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Diorama Review: Is It Really Worth Watching?

Diorama is a Swedish movie that was released on 6 May 2022 in Sweden, but on 6 September 2022, it was released worldwide on Netflix. Tuva Notny directs the film in a drama and comedy genre. Basically, the story revolves around a married couple, Frida and Bjorn, parents of three. Rene Ezra and Eva Akergren are the producers of the movie.

The movie has humor and some emotional moments, but are these enough to make the best movie? The audience nowadays wants much more than that, especially a good story. Yes, but why am I saying this? You will soon get to know everything in this article. So, now do not just waste any more time and scroll down to read the review so that you can decide whether you will watch this or not.

Diorama Movie Review

Diorama Review
Frida and Bjorn

Diorama is a movie that tells the love story of a couple, Frida and Bjorn. It revolves around a plot that how after married, the couple’s life gets monotonous and how they follow the same routine without any excitement or fun. It leads to miscommunication and misunderstanding among them. The movie begins with a scene that shows the origin of humans and how humans attract physically. Well, the main thing the film tries to tell the audience is that the couple’s separation is based on their sexual needs and how the movie connects their separation with the “scientific or biological causes,” which you can definitely watch.

The screenplay written by Tuva Novotny is good. She tried to put the story in front of the audience in a very humorous way. But seriously, this is not the first movie with this kind of plot, and there are many more movies that you can watch if you want to watch a similar story. Just because to put the humor in the story, it misplaced its original message.

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The story shows the married couple living their life in the same way for ten years with three children. They are not able to find excitement and love in their relationship. And then they decided to get separated, actually not “they” but only Frida. But what about their children? As the story moves, it shows us the family’s difficulties after the separation of Frida and Bjorn.

I found the story so slow and did not stick to the main plot. It is not that good, but bearable if I talk about the actors’ work. I would like to suggest you do not watch this movie with too many expectations. You may also leave this movie in the middle because it is not that much interesting to watch. Also, the film’s climax is expected as her husband, Bjorn has just moved on and tried to be mingled with another woman, and Frida also moves on with her school friend as she finds interest in him. The couple finally moved on, and their children lived with both of them at regular intervals of time. So, finally, in the end, they both have different partners or relationships for, we can say, “their sexual desires,” which caused their separation.

Diorama Story

The story revolves around a couple, Frida and Bjorn, and their miscommunication and misunderstanding in a relationship. Actually not miscommunication; it is the boredom of living a monotonous life and a fulfillment of sexual desires. It focuses on the biological cause of separation and how children and the couple face all the difficulties. There is a scene when a child says he doesn’t like moving back and forth in two houses. That’s all you will watch in this movie. So, if you like the review and story of the movie, you can watch it on Netflix.

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