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Dive Club Season 2 Release Date And What To Expect?

An Australian teen drama show, Dive Club is a show distributed in world by Netflix while in Australia it premiered on 10 Shake. While in Australia it was aired as a movie length in the world it is aired in 12 episodes thus making the total watch material of season one to be close to 6 hours. Each episode has a 30 minutes run time. The series revolves around a group of adolescent girls living in Cape Mercy who as the name suggests are good at diving.

The life of these girls takes a drastic turn when a storm hits their coastal town resulting in the disappearance of their friend. Now our dive club women take it upon themselves to go looking for their friend around town and as things happened around a storm and ship wreck but the body of their friend was not found they will also poke into the water. But much to their surprise things are not as easy as they seemed and, in their journey, to find their dear friend they come across many new things about their town.

Produced by Steve Jaggi Company its international sales are handled by Nicely Entertainment. Co producer is Spencer McLaren and the executive producers of the show are Jack Christian and Vanessa Shapiro. The series is set in Port Douglas, Queensland. Hayley McFarlane, Christine Luby, Rhiannon Bannenberg are the directors of the show.

Dive Club Season 2

Dive Club Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of season 1 aired on 29th of May. The first episode basically just set the track for the future story and upcoming thrill. It was well received as people watched it on the streaming giant Netflix. It is said that it was after episode three was aired the air of interest in the show piked. The last episode was aired on 26th June. This was episode 12 of the series.

Ever since the show has aired its last episode fans have been crazy to know what will happen next and where is this going. There have been crazy searches on internet and questions on social media pestering the creators to give up some information about the show’s renewal. We all do understand the interest in the show as the storyline and water scenes are just amazing.

So, if you are one of those people too desperate to know when are their favorite girl gang- Maddie, Izzie, Lauren, Stevie and Anna returning to screen then do not worry we have got you covered. Read along and discover all that we have collected for you.

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Dive Club Season 2 Release Date

As soon as the series aired its last episode people started looking for future spoilers or trying to find out what book this is made of. But to their distress it is a fresh show and they shall have to wait for the network and cast to come up with a new season. So, desperate they have been sitting by all social media platforms waiting for an official announcement or even just a slip of tongue indicating towards it.

Well, we all know that Netflix is not one of those streaming networks that would just casually let it come out through someone’s Instagram post caption or a tweet. Whenever it shall decide it will be always a formal announcement through the channel’s handle. Netflix is known to take quite its own time when it comes to announcing the renewal of new series. Maybe it just takes time to calculate its stakes but also it kind of builds up the atmosphere of high anticipation and increasing the desperation to the level that when they launch the first episode of the season people pounce on it.

Will There Ever Be Dive Club Season 2?

Dive Club Season 2 Release Date

So, as of now no announcement has been made by Netflix neither formally nor informally about a second season. Also, none of the starts have posted anything related to it. It seems like a season 2 is still in the to be talked upon phase and the network still has to make decisions accordingly. But as per our past experience we know that a show’s revival depends on three major factors- storyline, views and budget.

As for this show it is safe to say that it has a lot of positive reviews and the viewers have been hooked to the episode as soon as they were launched. The show also has a good fan following as per the searches on social media. Coming to the story line the last episode of the show ended with some cliffhangers. We still have a lot of question unanswered. For example, what is the future for Leonid Komarov? What happens to our Dive club as they are chained in a completely unknown location?

So, we have got the story line and reviews covered which gives another season a pretty good chance at happening.

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