Don’t Be the First One Season 2 Release Date Announced?

Number one or Don’t be the first one is a television chat show of South Korean origin. The show had a tough time as it was released during the primary stage of the pandemic spread. It followed the strict rule and was supervised by the national broadcasting department of Korea to ensure the safety and security of all the participants. It was surprising that all the episodes were broadcasted right on time and the rating of the series managed to stay consistent despite the catastrophic situation at that time. The reality talk show premiered on May 20, 2020, when the market was collapsing due to the pandemic. However, it was aired on the JTBC network every Sunday. Also known as Number One in South Korea it had a massive canvas with crews in number.

The Korean comedy actresses Park Mi-Sun and Jang Do-youn were the presenters of the show and played a crucial role in developing the series into its present value. Furthermore, it is the first season that was on its go but is halted for some unknown reason. It is believed that the first season came to an end after the episode streamed on August 29, 2021. Don’t Be the First One is not like other typical series. It was designed with the sole purpose to get the comfort of watching it as a television show. That is the same reason behind it being released as a sixty-five long season. Usually, a season may consist of twenty to twenty-five episodes which may come to an end within one year. However, the pattern for this show is different it had a season with a duration of more than a year. 

Don’t Be the First One Season 2 Release Date

Don’t Be the First One Season 2 Release Date
Don’t Be the First One Season 2

Looking into a personal space is not something that is accepted by society. On the flip side, it can be enjoyable if they allow us to monitor their daily life in an evenly regulated manner. Don’t Be the First One is that sort of a show with allows the spectators to look into the personal space of the contenders for pure entertainment. One of the reasons why it was accepted by the people was the same reason. Because of its different style of presenting a complex idea the series is one of the top ten reality shows for every individual. It was reported that the series had a five percent viewership in the country which was one of the best in the country. Netflix came for the business understanding the same statistics and had experienced it themselves.

But the reports coming at the moment don’t justify that. It is rumored that Netflix had terminated the contract with the production team and may not reappear. Another anonymous quote is that the crew is less interested in continuing the show as they had a long season. However, there hasn’t been any official confirmation of these reports. As far as there is no authorization neither can we accept all the news but have to consider them just as rumors in thin air. Moreover, a second season may not appear very soon due to its sixty-five-episode long season but it could be around 2023 that they go on with the next phase.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Don’t Be the First One Season 1 Release Date20 May 2020
Don’t Be the First One Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Don’t Be the First One Season 2 Release Date

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Don’t Be the First One Season 2 Story

Don’t Be the First One is a game show which is not pre-planned or scripted. The show is shot based on the daily life of some selected couples. The idea for the series was inspired by the growing rates of unsuccessful marriage life. Even after marrying for just months, a huge quantity of people in South Korea appeals for their marriage to be canceled. However, the show focuses on the other section who leads a happy life. They aim at showing the audience the reason behind successful family life. Humour is a main element of the show as their relationships are connected with family life. Cameras are fixed in the houses of the participants with their consent while the experts monitor the depth of the family. Multiple families are monitored and evaluated in this show.

Don’t Be the First One Season 2 Cast

Don’t Be the First One Season 2 Release Date
Don’t Be the First One Season 2

Park Mi-sun

The comedian television presenter and actress Park Mi-sun was born in Seoul and graduated from Hanyang University. Furthermore, she debuted as an actress in the year 1987 through the movie “Potato”. In addition, she had acted in more than thirty movies and dramas. Park Mi-sun is also a well-known comedian who had hosted more than fifty television shows. 

Don’t Be the First One Season 2 Trailer?

A promotional trailer is a usual method adopted for marketing the show. They generally appear days before the start airing of the show. However, there are no new updates available based on the second season.

Where to Watch Don’t Be the First One Season 2?

Netflix streams all the sixty-five episodes online. Moreover, Hulu is also a resource to watch the show online.             

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