Dororo Season 2: Release Date, Characters, and Spoilers!

Dororo Season 2 is a very famous anime. The anime’s plot is that a lord from Japan’s Warring States period wants to become powerful and dominate the land. He vows to save the land and pledges to give anything to the demons if they help him in his cause. After this pledge, he fulfilled his wish, but it comes at a cost. When his son is born, half of his organs are missing, and seeing this, he goes in a state of shock. He can’t take the sight of his child and thus gives him to a midwife so that she can dispose of him. However, the midwife cannot bring herself to dispose of him and instead puts him on a bit and sends him. The child being lucky is found by an old sage. The

old sage fashions some of the organs to replace them and teaches him to become a ronin samurai. Dororo is also an orphan who turns into a thief for a living. He becomes Hyakkimaru Companion and helps him beat and kill the demons who have eaten up his body.

The anime series is based on the manga by Osamu Tezuka, who is also known to be the godfather of manga comics. The series first aired in the year 1968 and inspired a live-action movie in 2007. In addition, a video game based on the series released by ” Blood will Tell” in 2004.

The series rebooted in 2019, and since then, there has only been one season that consisted of 24 episodes.

Will there be a second season of “Dororo”? Here’s everything we know till now.

Dororo Season 2 Release Date

The production house of Dororo is Mappa, who is also producing the final season of the famous series Attack on Titans. There has been no news from the production house about a second season of Dororo, and the future of the series remains uncertain. The company is now focusing on dubbing the first season and releasing it as soon as possible. Also, I laid plans for the DVD launch and digital release of the first season. According to Anime News Network, the possibility of the second season of Dororo is always present as it was a popular series and can benefit the company.

But as of now, Mappa has made no indication that they are going to release a second season. The company is only focussing on the digital release and DVD release of the first season. Also, the total number of volumes that manga has is three, which leaves very little room for adapting content for a future release. So unless the company sees profit in making the second season of Dororo, it is doubtful they will move towards it. Also, it remains to be seen whether a second season is worth producing as it will take a better part of a year to animate the series.

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Dororo Season 2 Story

One of the main reasons for the questions on the renewal of the series is that there is no clear direction for the story to go ahead in the show. Even the die-hard fans of the series know that a lot of work has to be done on the report if there has to be a second of the show. In the original manga story of Dororo, the main character did not have 48 of his organs! It took an epic journey that continued for years before he could get back all of his body. However, in the 2019 anime show, he only had 12 of his organs missing in all. It means that most of the story is short, resulting in a rapid ending. Therefore, the first season of Dororo was rushed and ended the story differently from the original manga story.

It removed the main plotline of the story, resulting in a clash between Dororo and Hyakkimaru. Should a second season of Dororo come, the fans would expect the production house and the writers to go beyond the original plot and manga storyline and add up their tales to it to make the anime more interesting. It will also help increase the length of the series, and we can see a lot of new adventures of our young Dororo.

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