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Dracula Untold 2 Release Date, Cast, And Story

Dracula Untold Trailer

How many of you are real fans of vampire fantasy movies or web series? If you are a lover of the vampire genre then this one will definitely lift your heart. Movies like Vampire Academy, Twilight, Dark Shadow, etc. And web series like Vampire Diaries, Originals, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. Have you watched these? When it comes to the vampire genre then the audience goes crazy to binge-watch it, just after its release.

The red-eyed, handsome men sucking blood and having supernatural speed; surely makes everyone scream! Dracula, if you are not aware is considered as the first vampire or the Original Vampire, known by the name Vlad. Well, let’s not bore you with history and stuff. Rather I would discuss the topic at hand. Let’s dig in!!

Dracula Untold is an American film that made its debut in October 2014. The movie was created based on the original titular character, Dracula by Bram Stoker. It was based on the 1897 novel written by the author. Directed by Gary Shore, the US film was released by Universal Pictures. Running for 1 hr and 32 mins the movie received a rating of 6.3 by IMDb and 25% from Rotten Tomatoes. 

The dark action fantasy film won the hearts of many after the release of the first film. It gained a huge fan base and grossed millions at the box office. If you haven’t watched the movie, vampire genre lover or not, you should definitely give this one a watch. 

As I mentioned earlier the movie was released in 2014. It has been more than 7 years, but it feels like centuries since it premiered. Fans like you must be wondering if the film will have a comeback, right? Whether part 2 is on the way? Or you see the last of Dracula Untold?

Well to get your questions answered keep reading. 

Dracula Untold 2 Release Date

Without stirring more heartbreak than there already is, I will directly get to the point. Original Network of the movie, Universal Pictures, ever-changing plans one after the other, chucked out the project for not long. We believe that the project got lost amidst all the others. 

The first project of the studio was The Mummy which we all know was a huge success. And hence the prequel came out. But in the case of Dracula Untold, the response was quite mixed, and to be precise the success was quite modest. So, with the reason of not being able to meet up the expectations and further after such a long time, the comeback chances are really slim. 

Although back in 2014, Luke Evans stated that he was open to the idea of the film to return with a second part. But sadly, to date, no news of update or teaser release has reached our ears. And tbh, with each passing year, the chances are getting even slimmer. 

Since there is no news of cancellation or break, we can have a little bit of hope. Guys you have waited a long way till now, I know. Let’s keep praying and wait for another year or two. If the team has any plans and the audience polling for a new season reaches their need then, who knows the show may return by 2024 at the most. 

Dracula Untold 1 Release Date10 October 2014
Dracula Untold 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

Dracula Untold 2 Expected Cast

Dracula Untold
Dracula Untold

As I earlier mentioned no news has been leaked from their end. Even any official news was unheard of. We can only predict for now that Luke Evans will definitely be there as he gave quite a positive response during his interview after the installation. 

Sarah Godson’s starring role in the show can also be assumed. And as for the rest, we can hope for the earlier cast to return and new faces might also be seen. 

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Dracula Untold 2 Expected Story

If you watched the last part, you will know the story focussed on Vlad 3. The show ended with Dracula aka Vlad making peace with humans.

The next part may start with modern-day London again featuring Dracula. We can also expect the introduction of new characters as well. Next, how will the story revolve? Only time will tell.

Let’s wait and see how it molds.

I will give a short brief about the first part for those who have not yet watched the film. 

Dracula Untold 1 Story

 Dracula Untold 2 Release Date
A Scene From The Dracula Untold

Prince Vlad Tempest was living a peaceful life in his kingdom until the Turks started threatening him. Now he must show the people the monster he is. As he seeks help from the other vampires by drinking their blood to awaken his power. Will he be able to save his people, family, and his kingdom? Or will Vlad’s curse get in his way? How will Mina help him and what will she do when she learns about this curse? 

With trouble blooming from all sides. The thrill will give you chills. 

Watch this excellent creation online. I am quite positive you will love Dracula on your PC or your android for that matter!

Dracula Untold 1 Cast 

The film stars; Luke Evans as Vlad III, Sarah Gadon as Mirena, Dominic Cooper as Sultan Mehmed II and Art Parkinson as Îngeraș. 

Where To Watch Dracula Untold 2?

The film is available on multiple platforms and you can watch it anywhere you want. Start streaming the show on either of these; Netflix, Apple Tv, YouTube, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, or even in Google Play. But in order to stream the show, you will have to buy a subscription to the channel or have to rent it in INR. 

Dracula Untold 2 Trailer

I have shared the trailer with the Dracula Untold. Some other trailers of the same are available on YouTube and other platforms. You will not find the sequel’s trailer for now. Stay tuned we will update you when we get access to it after they announce the release date. 

That is all for now. Start streaming this amazing movie right now, while you keep your fingers crossed for the arrival of the second. 

Happy Watch Folks!

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