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Drag Me To Dinner Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

Drag Me To Dinner is a reality TV series that involves a cooking competition between two teams of Drag Queens. The show is completely different from other reality Tv shows and competitive platforms.

The show is created by Murray Hill with some 40 Drag Queens and 4 judges of the show. The show premiered on May 31, 2023, on the Hulu network. The show is a compilation of 10 episodes in total and in each episode, they have got a different challenge to face and win. 

Drag Me To Dinner Season 2 Release Date

Drag Me To Dinner Season 2 Release Date

The show Drag Me To Dinner season 1 has not been so much loved and appreciated season by the audience, as the show creator tried to add some comedy, drama, and puns in the series, but it turned out to be something disgusting and unliked by the people.

However, till now there is no official announcement regarding the release of the show or whether the show is renewed or not for its sequel. The only thing we can do is wait for the creator’s decision to be made official. We will add up the things here on the website once something is made official by the makers. 

Let us see more of the competitive reality TV show ‘Drag Me To Dinner’.


Storyline Of The Show- Drag Me To Dinner

The show “Drag Me To Dinner” is presented to the world by Murray Hill. The show is set in the United States that premiered on May 31, 2023, on the Hulu network for the audience to watch.

The show has a total of 10 episodes that premiered on the same day of release May 31, 2023. All 10 episodes of the series included different teams, consisting of different teammates with different team names. These teams have to compete against each other by preparing food from different continents and tastes according to the theme of the party.

The judges of the show will then have to judge both the teams and make the winner of the episode with great awards to the winner. The show gives the audience a complete blend of party, glamor, and competition and the pressure is on the queens left in the kitchen to prepare cuisines.

In all the episodes, with different titles, different teams do face each other in a competition and present to the judges the food, beverages, entertainment, design, and everything according to the theme of the party. After the program, it is the judges who choose the winner out of two teams in each episode and they win the biggest prize of all time in a TV series competition shows.

The series throughout its episodes shows the drag queens in the party mood and competing with each other for the prices. The queens in the teams are hosting the theme party and decorating the place and prepare different cuisines according to the theme. The judges are then supposed to judge and make them the winner of the show.

Cast And Crew Of The Show

The show Drag Me TO Dinner is a competitive reality TV series with 4 judges and 40 Drag Queens, facing each other in each episode of a different theme party. 

The judges of the series include Neil Patrick Harris, Haneefah Wood, Bianca Del Rio, and David Burtka. They contribute to announcing a winner out of two teams and awarding the winning team with a great prize that is different from the awards in other reality competition shows.

The contestants of the show include William Belli, Alaska Thunderfuck, Joshua Allan Ends, Symone, Greg Meyer, Edward Popil, Trinity The Truck, Heidi N Closet, Keith Levy, Davis Heppenstall, Shane Galligan, Justin Nako, Jason Daniels, Kim Chi, Raja and so on.


Overall, the show is a reality TV competition show but is different from other reality TV shows. It shows 40 Drag Queens performing in teams against each other and is put in the Kitchen to make different cuisines and present it to the judges and win the competition. 

The audience was able to see the amazing blend of culinary talent and the sparkle of the world of drag queens. The show was however not liked much by the people and hence the makers are not agreeing to release its sequel. But let’s see what happens next. Till then keep visiting our website to read more. 


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