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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Release Date Updates

Dragon Ball Super is a manga series by Japanese creators and was written and illustrated by Akura Toriyama and is known as Doragon Boru Supa in Japanese. This manga is even abbreviated as DBS and is illustrated by Toyotarou. This is originally a sequel to the initial version of Dragon Balls’ manga and describes the adventures of Goku and his friends. This is after the ten-year time skip after the defeat of Majin Buu. The manga series was adopted and published in Shonen Manga magazine V Jump and was simultaneously published in English by Viz media. Belonging to the genre of Adventure Fantasy and Martial Arts, the original running of these chapters was from June 20 2015 until the present. With a total of 18 volumes, the anime television series is directed by Kimitoshi Chioka, Morio Hatano, Kohei Hatano, Tatsuya Nagamine, and Ryota Nakamura. This series was produced by Atsushi Kido, Osamu Nozaki, Naoko Sagawa, tomosuke Teramoto, and others. This series has been licensed by Funimation and Bang Zoom entertainment.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Release Date
Dragon Ball Super

The Dragon Ball Super which is a sequel to the popular Dragon Ball manga is now for a matter of fact running stronger than the anime itself. With an introduction of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, the new Chapter of Dragon Ball Super is all set to get released on 20th June 2022. However, the Japanese version is going to get released two days before the English release which is 18th June 2022. The timing of release would be different for different regions and we are here specifying the different times of separate zones when the chapter is going to release.

Pacific Time: 9 AM

Central Time: 11 AM

Eastern Time: 12 NOON

British Time: 5 PM

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 Recap

The story of this series is about Goku and his friends and in Chapter 84, it sees Goku recollects a lot about his parents and what was it that made him and Gine send away Gas from the planet. He realises that Bardocks’s arrival after the battle with Gas was what provoked Goku to send Gas Away from the planet. He also realises why the Saiyans had so much pride in them and thus, Goku seems to lose faith in his strength. IN parallel to the above situation, Vegeta is equally irritated for his rival’s father had brought this realisation onto him that he has been focussing a lot on his need to atone than focus on his people’s pride. Meanwhile, Gas, who has been flying through space, teleports to Monaito’s House and there is a faceoff between the Saiyans and Heeters.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Story

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Release Date
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85

Normally a chapter’s raw scans and spoilers are made available a few days before the official release dates and these few days usually span 3-4 days. After observing the pattern, we ex0pect a spoiler alert and raw scan for the upcoming chapter 85 by the 15th Of June 2022. If few sources are to be believed, Frieza has been resurrected by remnants of Frieza’s army and somehow returns to seek revenge from Goku. While Frieza attempts to self-destruct and thus destroy Earth, Goku saves it by utilising Whis’s ability to reverse time. However, as of now, there is no assuring and cent percent release of raw scans and spoilers of Chapter 85 or any detail about what the Chapter has to unfold for us. But we assure you that we shall collect details regarding the raw scans and help them reach you in due time.

Where to Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85?

All the chapters of the manga series Dragon ball Super are available on the official website of VIZ website and can also be availed from Shueisha’s English Manga portal Mangaplus. For those facing challenges regarding the use of Websites n their Android and IOS devices, one can even download the application of Mangaplus or Viz’s ShonenJump Application to read the already released chapters of my hero Academia. We assure you that chapter 85 can also be read on the respective release dates over these very websites.

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