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Drifting Home Ending Explained: How Did Natsume And Kosuke End Up In A Fantasy World?

Netflix’s original anime movie, Drifting Home, has arrived on Netflix. There are just no words to describe how fantastic and emotional the film is. I literally wept in most parts. If you also have watched the movie, you might have been stuck at the ending too. Don’t worry, as here’s a detailed Drifting Home Ending Explained.

Drifting Home Ending Explained

The film starts with the introduction of Kosuke and Natsume. There’s an apartment that has to be broken down. Kamonomiya apartment was built sixty years ago; people say it’s haunted, but it will always be a home to Natsume and Kosuke. Natsume and Kosuke have been best friends since childhood. Natsume’s life was not easy, her parents used to fight a lot, and they got divorced. She was always alone. When her parents got divorced, she met Kosuke and his family when she went there to live with them. Since then, they both have been together, where Kasuke’s grandfather, Yasuji, was the one she loved the most.

When Yasuji died, they drifted apart. They both were in elementary school and the same class. There was a summer break project that they had to work on. Taishi wanted to go to those apartments, look for Ghost, and study him (I know it sounds hilarious, and it is). Kosuke doesn’t want to go initially but winds up reaching there. Taishi, Yuzuru, and Kosuke went to those apartments and found Natsime hiding in an apartment’s wardrobe. The apartment was of Yasuji (Grandfather). They asked her what she was doing in a closet, so she replied she was taking a nap, but that was a lie. Natsume told them she usually comes here and wants them all to meet Nope. Nope is a curious kid who I couldn’t understand until the movie’s end.

While Natsume and Kosuke were fighting about their past, Reena and Juri came to the apartment. Unfortunately, a storm is coming in, and Natsume falls off the building. Some energy comes in, and they reach into a fantasy world. The main story starts from here.

Natsume And Kosuke Going On A Food Run

When they woke up, they found themselves between an endless Ocean where they could see water and the floating apartment. Everyone’s phone is dead, and no one can contact anyone. Finally, Natsume says that this has happened to her a couple of times when she reaches the ocean, but when she goes back to sleep, she returns home. She tells them it is just a dream and they will return home tomorrow. Everyone believes her, but Kosuke doesn’t. The next day when they woke up, they were still in between the ocean.

While on the journey, Natsume and Kosuke found many other apartment buildings they went to in their childhood. The Narhara permit building, the departmental store, and the Ferris wheel they used to go to. They did many adventures while they were on a food Run. They thought they would reach home soon until a dangerous storm hit them.

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Due to the storm, the building got worse, and they were about to drown. Between the storms and the ocean, Kosuke, Natsume, Juri, Reina, Yuzuru, and Taishi did many adventures to return home. When the storm hit them, and Natsume was about to drown, she saw some weird energy-sucking things inside.

The kids could see the town from binoculars and knew they would reach home soon, but the ocean seemed endless and wasn’t ending. Reina blamed Natsume for being the one who brought everyone here, and she was responsible for this mess. But Nope revealed that he is the one they are in trouble with and said he doesn’t know how to return home. Nope is a curious guy as he had some plants growing on his hand. Let’s be clear that Noppo is not a normal kid. He is a ghost, but a good ghost.

The building was about to drown, so the kids built a raft. The raft was built the next day, but Nope disagreed with going with them as he was responsible for everything. Natsume didn’t want to say goodbye, so she jumped into the water and went back to the building again to bring Nope with him. Weird energy comes again, and Natsume is left behind while all the other kids went towards home.

A light of rays came, and they started returning from where they came. The light of the glow showed everyone’s parents. Everyone was in the frame but Natsume. Kosuke saw Natsume returning to the apartment through that light, and he knew that she wasn’t going to return. A giant Ferris wheel comes in front of them, and Kosuke finally makes a plan to use the Ferris wheel and save Natsume and Nope. They finally reached both of them when they were on the verge of dying.

Though they could reach them, and Kosuke was able to get the building through a rope, the Ferris created many problems in making a connection with the installation. There were many times when the engine of the Paris wheel broke, and they drifted apart. The building was loose, and there was now no way they could be saved.

While the same energy was sucking The best friends, you will hear Noppo saying that he will never let them die as he was a part of them and watched them grow, and he will love if they live happily ever after. Some lightings come from him, the storm goes away, and three of them are saved.

All the kids reach an island where they see lots of kids on the island greeting them. While Taishi was about to go down to the island and meet them, Nope said they should not go down. If they went down, they wouldn’t ever be able to reach their home. He said to look at all the kids very carefully. He said he had reached his destination and didn’t want to return to their home, so he would drop himself here and help the kids get home.

The lighting again started to appear, and Noppo said that these would take you back. And Voila! the apartment is flying, and they are returning home. Natsume and Kosuke, the apartment has finally been broken down. They became best friends again, and nothing could break them down. While they were looking at the pictures, they took with the camera. The camera was about to fall when both attached it.

In the end, mom said that she thought they would drop off the earth’s face again. The scene ends there, and so does the movie.

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Questions That Need Answers

What Was That Fantasy World?

The central unanswered question was, what was that fantasy world? How did the kids get there? The fantasy world would have been created either by Noppo, or that was the fantasy world in Natsume’s dream. There is no other explanation to this question as these two were the only people who knew what happened at those apartments, and Natsume already knew Noppo before the other kids did. It must have been her dream, and finally, they all woke up and reached their home, or it would have been Noppo’s tremendous energy that made them get into the fantasy world.

How Did The Kids Reach Back Home?

As mentioned, Noppo had tremendous energy that helped the kids reach home. When Noppo dropped himself at his world, he told his friends that he would drop himself here and the lighting would help the kids get home. Overall, Noppo again used his energy, and Voila! The building was flying, and very soon, the kids reached their home.

Do The Kids Adjust To Their Normal Lives?

A Big Yes, at the end of the movie, you can see the kids returning to school. They attended the summer festival too. Natsume meets her mom and tells her she loves her so much. Kosuke and Natsume became best friends again as they used too. Kosuke has started to understand Natsume. They adjusted very well. Now the group hangs out together, and they will soon become a rescue gang, I hope, in the next season.

Did Yasuji Have To Do Anything With This?

I should say no. Natsume was very close to Yasuji. She mentioned she shared everything with him and Kosuke was too very attached. So, they shared a special bond with him. They both had a soft corner for him. The movie explains that childhood memories and our close ones sometimes go far away from us, and many cannot accept them. Yasuji did not have any relation with the world; they just saw him because they loved him.

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