Dropkick On My Devil!! X Episode 7 Release Date: Finally Revealed?

Dropkick On My Devil!! X is the third season of the original series Dropkick On My Devil directed by Hikaru Sato and Taku Yamada. It is written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu and Momoko Murakami. The entire series franchise is based on the manga of the same name. It is written and illustrated by Yukiwo. Dropkick On My Devil!! X as a series was first released on July 6, 2022, after a crowdfunding event for the season. The whole season is getting a lot of praise for the unique storyline and the characters.

The popularity has in turn made all the fans excited to know when is the new episode releasing. Thus, we have brought this article for you to give all the details on the future episode that is episode 7 of the series.

Dropkick On My Devil!! X Episode 7 Release Date

Dropkick On My Devil!! X Episode 7 Release Date
Dropkick On My Devil!! X

Dropkick On My Devil!! X episode 7 is again a highly anticipated episode just like the previous episodes. The episode is expected to be released on August 16, 2022. Based on the pattern of the release of previous episodes after every seven days. It can be predicted that the seventh episode will be released on August 16, 2022, as the sixth episode is set to be released on August 10. 

Name of the ShowDropkick On My Devil!! X
Episode NumberEpisode 7
Dropkick On My Devil!! X Episode 1 Release Date6 July 2022
Dropkick On My Devil!! X Episode 7 Release Date16 August 2022
Dropkick On My Devil!! X Episode 7 Overview

Dropkick On My Devil!! X Episode 7 Story

Hikaru Sato and Taku Yamada directed the anime Dropkick On My Devil!! X is a comedy series where Yurine, a human witch has called Jashin a lamia, an Evil God from Hell. The unfortunate thing is, that the Jashin is now incapable of going back to the Hell she came from and now spends every day on Earth trying to kill Yurine but is unsuccessful. She tries to kill her but at the same time, she spends time with her. She also becomes acquainted with other characters who are from both Heaven and Hell.

The whole series is filled with different stories in every episode which brings new efforts, adventures, fun, and a new side of character every time. The series does not leave a single chance to make you laugh especially when the characters are making the effort to kill each other.

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In terms of the story of the seventh episode, there is no such update yet as the sixth episode has not been released yet and every episode tends to have a new and different story. So, it is highly unpredictable. But if we get any update on the episode’s storyline, we will update you all.

Dropkick On My Devil!! X Episode 7 Characters

Dropkick On My Devil!! X Episode 7 Release Date
Dropkick On My Devil!! X

The characters list of the comedy series Dropkick On My Devil!! X includes uniquely characterized characters that are loved by the fans and have become the reason for the popularity of the series. The characters are also quite popular on social media platforms among all the anime fan base. The characters include Yurine Hanazono, who is the one who called Jashin to earth. She is kind to all but Jashin. She is actually the one who voices out and represents the viewers as she is the only human in the series.

Jashin-Chan is a lamia from Hell and is quite self-centred. She has the power to revive herself. She might seem like a manipulative girl but she actually can be seen doing good things as well and caring for her close friends. But she hides all the good parts of her personality.

Medusa is gorgon from Hell. She is a close friend of Jashin and they are close to such an extent that it seems like Medusa is the wife and Jashin is the husband. Medusa is capable of finding the good personality of Jashin which she tries to hide from everyone.

Pekola is an angel who is left stranded on Earth as she has lost her halo. She does not have money and because of that, she ends up not having food many a time. Though Yurine tries to help her she does not take her help because she thinks that Yurine is a witch.

Minos another friend of Jashin and a Minotaur. Poporon is the formed subordinate of Pekola and wants to kill her in order to become an angel. Her power is lost because Jashin ate her halo.

Mei Tachibana, a police officer who has fallen for Jashin and gifts her everything that seems cute. Pino is another former subordinate of Pekola who wants to kill both Pekola and Poporon because they have a relationship with demons. She has a paranoid personality.

Lierre, the superior of Pekola, Poporon, and Pino has come to Earth so that she can destroy humanity and their civilization. She has transformed herself into a child and stays in an orphanage.

Apart from all these characters, there are a few more characters who contribute to the series in a big way. The list includes Kyon Kyon, Ran Ran, Devil A, Ecute, Atre, Beth, Koji, Yusa, Persephone, and, Persephone II.

Where To Watch Dropkick On My Devil!! X Episode 7 Online?

If you are interested to watch the comedy anime because you like the story that you read above but don’t know where you can get the series, then let me tell you. The anime series is available to be streamed on Crunchyroll. You can even get another anime series of Dropkick On My Devil on Crunchyroll. Currently the Dropkick On My Devil!! X consists of 6 episodes in total and the seventh episode will be released on this platform as well.

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