Dynazenon Season 2 Release date, Cast, Plot And Spoilers

The mecha genre in anime is extremely popular. Like who doesn’t want to see giant robots fighting monsters or each other? Iconic animes such as the Gundam series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Guren Lagan all belong to this mecha genre and is considered as the reason behind the enormous popularity of the genre. SSSS.Dynazenon is a new piece of brick in the huge wall of mecha anime and it does its best to stand out in the huge crowd. The original anime series is a sequel to the anime series SSSS.Gridman. Today here we are going to talk about Dynazenon Season 2 release date and other latest information.

Dynazenon Season 2 Release Date

Dynazenon Season 2
SSSS.Dynazenon (Season 2) 

As of now, the series has only 1 season with 12 episodes in total. However, as of now, there is no concrete news regarding the second season of the anime series but it is expected to release in 2023.

Dynazenon Season 2 Plot Premises

The plot of SSSS.Dynazenon follows the life of an individual named Yomogi Asanaka. Yomogi initially was a common first-year high school student. He was living an ordinary life just like any other average, high schooler. Yamogi was leading a simplistic life with no issues and major things happening. He didn’t even have the slightest clue as to what fate has in store for him. Without any knowledge of what kind of future he is going to have, Yomogi was just being an ordinary high school student. After school one day, while he was going back home from his school he came across a man who was starving. The man was under a bridge and had a strange look to himself. Yomogi wasn’t even remotely aware that this fateful encounter will change his life. The life he was leading so far would not be the same again after the encounter he had with this strange man. The man introduced himself. He said that his name is Gauma and that he has some news for Yomogi. He informed Yomogi, who was completely confused regarding the situation that Yomogi is a “kaiju user,” It was the first time for Yomogi to hear the term. Gauma then goes ahead and explains to him what kaiju users are and what do they deal with.

So apparently, Kaiju users are people who happen to have special capabilities so that they can deal with Kaijus, who are dangerous relentless monsters. These monsters pose a grim threat to humanity and don’t even consider human lives before harming them and cause massive damage to the city and properties while doing so. Perplexed and confused regarding the information, Yomogi was having a hard time digesting everything. Everything was coming to him rapidly and it was getting hard for him to contemplate everything. Later on, Yomogi again encounters Gauma but this time he wasn’t alone. Along with Gauma, he came across  Yume Minami, who was Yomogi’s classmate. Briefly, after the encounter, a kaiju appeared out of nowhere. The kaiju appeared in a crowded location of the city brimming with people and was wreaking havoc endangering the lives of innocent civilians. Upon hearing this news, the three bolted towards the location to stop the kaiju from causing further damage and handle the situation.

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Gauma lacked experience when it came to the matter of handling the Kaiju, which made the situation even more complicated. To deal with the monster, Gauma from a glowing pouch he had, brought out an unfamiliar mystical object. With the help of that object, Gauma was able to summon a giant robot to fight off and defeat the Kaiju. The gigantic robot is called Dynazenon. However, controlling the robot is not an easy task. He requires the cooperation of four people to operate and function properly. At the moment, to use the Dynazenon, four where were summoned by the robot into its cockpit to control it which included Gauma, Minami, Yomogi, and Koyomi Yamanaka. Koyomi was just an unemployed individual who is wandering across the street at the time. With this combat against the Kaiju, all of them began their journey which involves complications and conflicts with other monstrous Kaijus, evil Kaiju users who use their power for wrong deeds, kaiju eugenicists, and their endeavor to unleash the Dynazenon’s full potential and to push it to its limits. 

Dynazenon Season 2 Cast and Characters

Dynazenon Season 2
SSSS.Dynazenon (Season 2) 

Yomogi Asanaka- Japanese voice actor Junya Enoki from Tokyo, Japan provides the Japanese voice for Yomogi in the anime series. He is popular for his roles as Shin from Dorohedoro, Sekkekkyuu AA2153 from Cells at Work! Code Black and many more. 

Dynazenon Season 2 Trailer

SSSS.Dynazenon Season 2 has no trailer or teaser available. Catch the whole anime here on Gogoanime.

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