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Electric Dreams Season 2 Release Date Updates!

The science-fiction thriller is developed as the result of a coordinated effort by Ronald D Moore and Michael Dinner. It is based on some short stories written by Philip K Dick in the 1950s. In addition, Electric Dreams is developed by Amazon Studios, Channel 4, Moon Shot Entertainment, Electric Shepherd Productions, and some others. However, the distribution right of the show is bagged by Sony Pictures Television streaming show predominantly in the United Kingdom and Canada. Moreover, it is also available on the online streaming platform Amazon Prime on a subscription basis.

With a running time of approximately fifty minutes, the first season of Electric Dreams had released ten episodes so far. This was on a short period starting from September 17, 2017, and concluding by March 19, 2018. The peculiarity of the show is that it is an anthology. That means the episodes broadcasted will have only minimum to no relation to one another. Furthermore, the television series is telecasted on Channel four in the United Kingdom and on the Space network in Canada. After the release of Electric Dreams, mixed reports filled in contrary to the expected outcome. It received an average overall response nevertheless.       

Electric Dreams Season 2 Release Date

Electric Dreams Season 2 Release Date
Electric Dreams Season 2

Sony Pictures Television had plans for the show to make it one of the best in terms of quality. After its release, the response from the people was not in support of their aim. However, the series had a decent response but failed to convert the hard work into results. It is believed that this is the major reason why a second season hasn’t been released after the end of season one in March 2018. But it got even more suspicious when an Amazon Prime spokesperson confirmed that they had neither canceled the contract nor did they renew it. Anthological shows like Electric Dreams are hard to be accepted as there is a lack of consistency from the audience. Some unconfirmed reports are stating that Sony Pictures are planning to change the outlook of the show as well as the genre and develop some other similar shows.

According to sources Sony Pictures wanted to telecast the show on a long-term basis. But it was the reviews from the first season that led Amazon to not show any further interest. Nevertheless, Sony Pictures are also trying to find other broadcasting partners to keep the show running. Therefore based on all the available resources, it is evident that it is extremely hard to predict the future of the show. In addition, there are tons of similar shows which are left untouched for years. As far as Amazon clings on as the broadcasting partner, there is a hope to see the second season part of the show. Moreover, as the fourth year passes on the approach shown by Sony Pictures Television to stay on with Amazon doubles the expectations of the fans. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Electric Dreams Season 1 Release Date17 September 2017
Electric Dreams Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Electric Dreams Season 2 Release Date

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Electric Dreams Season 2 Story

Electric Dreams is an anthology-based television series. All the episodes represent different stories that may have no relation to the previous one. Therefore, it is easier for the viewers to understand the story without much knowledge. The show deals with science fiction and like it, movies on it get more intense giving a thriller-like feeling. Furthermore, the show is not pleasant by the style of its presentation. It had adapted a dystopian style of storytelling which gives importance to portraying a community who had been facing troubles as well as distress for a long time. Therefore, the story of the second season cannot be as per expected. 

Electric Dreams Season 2 Cast

Electric Dreams Season 2 Release Date
Electric Dreams Season 2

Bryan Cranston: Silas

Bryan Lee Cranston is an American actor and film producer who had received twenty-four awards from his seventy-two nominations. “To Race, the Wind” was his television drama where he played Quarterback. While his first few movies needed only his voice Bryan slowly came into the lead role and had completed sixty-two movies and ninety-six television shows. 

Anna Paquin: Sarah

The thirty-nine-year-old actress from Winnipeg, Canada became recognized after acting in the movie “X-men”. In the year 1993, Anna Helene Paquin played Flora McGrath in the movie “The Piano”. In addition, she is also a Golden Glove award winner and had contributed to almost fifty shows and movies.

Electric Dreams Season 2 Trailer?

For the last few years, the series had been stopped for some unknown reasons. It will only be after the production team declares its renewal that the trailer for season two can be expected.

Where to Watch Electric Dreams Season 2?

Amazon Prime which had signed a short-term deal with Sony Pictures Television had not renewed the series to date. By the looks of it, Amazon may not be interested to continue with the show. However, they can come back and extend the show whenever they want.  

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