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Elves Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Canceled?

The series is composed of six episodes. It was set in Denmark and directed by Roni Ezra. It was produced by Elise H. Lund for Miso Film. It is based on the original idea of Jannik Tai Mosholt and Christiana Potalivo. They also served as the executive producers with Peter Bose and Jonas Allen from Miso film. Elves is a Christmas horror show which explores the idea of what if elves were real? What if they were dangerous too? We should be thankful to Netflix for opening its door to new genres of shows and movies when the local market cannot afford to produce and develop the shows like these.

Elves did not get better ratings on social media platforms although it deserved much better. It has managed to get 5.5 ratings on IMDB out of 10 and 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. According to Google, 79% of its users liked the show.

Elves Season 2 Release Date

Elves season 2 release date

It would be heartbreaking for the fans to know that the show has not been renewed for the second season yet. However, it does not mean that season 2 is canceled. There is nothing we can do except wait for Netflix to announce season 2 of Elves. The good news is Elves Season 2 could happen as the show is very popular and Elves is a big hit on Netflix. It is expected that the second season of the show might release somewhere around the ending months of 2022.

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Elves Season 2 Story

Although we don’t know what will happen in the second season of the show we have a pretty good idea. Before we tell the expected plot of the next season here’s the recap of the previous season. Season 1 started with Josefine arriving on the rustic along with her family for their holiday break but things start to fall apart. Josefine finds a wounded baby and tries to help her and her family went to the forest to explore and found Christmas tree ruffles.

In the third episode, Karen invites Josefine and her family for a visit and Josefine starts suspecting the people of Armandso. She follows Kee-Ko in the forest and her family starts searching for her. Here, the most awaited secret will be revealed. The security perimeter of the forest has been damaged and the elves begin to roam here and there around the island. They are just armed with a thirst for blood which is revenge.  

Season 1 ended with Svade’s family plus Liv leaving the island. It is expected that they left Elves behind forever. It may happen that the Svade family will go back to return Kee-Ko or the Elves will find a way to the island and look for Kee-Ko. In the sixth and last episode, Karen takes a drastic step to appease the elves. Everyone must try hard together to save Josefine and themselves.

Elves Season 2 Cast

Elves Season 2

Created and written by Stefan Jaaworski, Elves have some of the most familiar faces. The cast of the show includes Lila Nobel, Vivelill Sogaard Holm, Lukas Lokken, Sonja Steen, Ann Eleonara Jorgensen, Rasmus Hammerich, Peder Pedersen, Milo Toke Bendix Campanale. This cast is expected to join the show when makers announce season 2 although it can also cast some new faces of the plot of the second season demands. It is just we are guessing, we are not sure. We don’t have any other option except to wait for the makers to announce something.

According to fans, the cast of the show was perfect for their roles and the story is also a bit different from other shows.

Elves Season 2 Trailer

Since season 2 of the show is not renewed yet, there is no trailer for it. However, Netflix has already released the trailer of season 1 on YouTube. If you wish to watch the trailer of season 1, you can watch it just by clicking on the link given above. If you liked the trailer and want to binge-watch the show, it is available on Netflix.

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