Emerald City Season 2 Release Date: Announced?

Many people are very fans of fantasy and fiction. From their Core, they were obsessed with fantasy and fiction. Emerald City is for fantasy and fiction lovers like them. It is a story printed on paper that is outstandingly brought out on the screen by the lavish and polished work of the directors and makers.

Whenever a loved and popular series comes to its end a question is flooded all over the search engine by its fans. And this series has been loved by the kids as well as by others who love fantasy and fiction. From the time Emerald City season 1 ended the fans and the viewers and many critics were asking for season 2. Many questions are buzzing around the topic of Emerald City season 2.

So here is the most awaiting update about Emerald City season 2.

Emerald City Season 2 Release Date 

Emerald City Season 2 Release Date 
Emerald City Season 2

For those who are desperately waiting for Emerald City season 2, it’s unfortunate news for them. So the fans and followers of Emerald City stopped waiting and looking forward to Emerald City season 2 because Emerald City season 2 had been canceled and the makers officially announced that there will be no second installation of Emerald City. 

We are waiting for Emerald City season 2 but nothing can be done. It’s been 6 years since the announcement about the cancellation of Emerald City season 2. It is disheartening news for the fantasy enthusiasts and the Die Hard follower of Emerald City though it had ceased to function to gain much popularity as it was hyped before release. Somehow that is the reason behind the cancellation of Emerald City season 2.

 Emerald City is a wonderful series with an impeccable storyline but its cinematography failed to Captivate the screen of the viewers. The screenplay couldn’t satisfy most of the viewers but everyone doesn’t have the same taste though it’s gained some popularity also among a few people.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Emerald City Season 1 Release Date 6 January 2017
Emerald City Season 2 Release Date Canceled
Emerald City Season 2 Release Date 

Emerald City Season 2 Story

Angel City is a series based on fantasy and imagination. The storyline of Emerald City had been adapted from a part of a series of a novel written by L. Frank Baum. The novel is composed of many parts. Emerald City is adapted from one of those parts. The novel name is OZ and the facet from which emerald city is the 20th Century of OZ.

As far as the storyline of Emerald City season 2 is concerned let me tell you there is no storyline because there is no season 2 of Emerald City coming into existence shortly or ever. Emerald City season 2 had been officially canceled by its makers and producers.

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Emerald City Season 2 Cast 

As previously told there will be no Emerald City season 2 in the future. So there has been no question about its cast because when any series is not coming into existence how will a cast exist. Emerald City season 1 was released on January 6 2017 and runs till March 3, 2017.

So the cast of the emerald city which exist and take place on the screens of the views are

Florence Kasumba as East, Stefanie Martini as Langwidere, Isabel Lucas as Anna, Roxy Sternberg as Elizabeth, Rebeka Rea as Leith / Sylvie, Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Roan / Lucas, Adria Arjona as Dorothy Gale, Gina McKee as Dr. Jane Andrews, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Ojo, Gerran Howell as Jack, Mido Hamada as Eamonn, Ana Ularu as West, Vincent D’Onofrio as Frank Morgan / The Wizard of Oz, Joely Richardson as Glinda, Gerran Howell as Jack, Mido Hamada as Eamonn and Jordan Loughran as Ozma / Tip.

Emerald City Season 1 Recap 

Emerald City Season 2 Release Date 
Emerald City Season 2

Even if it is a fantasy, it is horrifying and fascinating to get stuck into the world of Wizard. Those wizards are so powerful that they can control your brain to a limit that you can’t remember yourself after some time. And this horrifying happens with Lucas and Kansas Phuket stock into the land of the ores which capitals knew as the Emerald City.

Lucas and Kansas were brought to that magical City by a vicious tornado. The tornado is a magical aspect of that city sent by some Wizard or Lucas and Kansas was destined to be in that city is not known by anyone.

On the other hand, a 20-year-old nurse named Dorothy Gale had voyaged to that magical City to find a wizard to fulfill her wish. But she would never know that she was a key to a spell and after breaking that spell that would be a real Tornado it will turn everyone’s life upside down.

Where To Watch Emerald City Season 1?

The Emerald City season 1 full series with every episode is available on many ott platforms. Forms where and city is accessible or Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, MX Player.

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