Enemigo Intimo Season 3 Is Still Hanging!

On 21 February 2018, Telemundo aired her first telenovela, Enemigo Intimo. This program is produced by Telemundo Global Studios and distributed by Telemundo International. Here we will discuss the series Enemigo Intimo Season 3.

In this series, two siblings are reunited years after they were separated as small children. Despite many similarities, both of them ignore the fact that they were raised by the same parents, shared a happy childhood, and were separated by a great crime. Her memory has faded and now she has no memories, and they have no choice but to fight for each other in an unforgiving war. There will be a second season of the show, Telemundo announced on May 7. On September 9, 2019, production began on the second season.

Enemigo Intimo Season 3 Expected Plot

Roxana Rodiles (Fernanda Castillo) is kidnapped after the murder of her parents in Mexico by one of the drug cartels, while her sister Alejandro Ferrer (RaIl Méndez) is murdered. Alejandro Ferrer, who is now a captain of the Federal Police, will not rest until he has avenged the destruction of his family by the narcos. Following her disappearance after 25 years, Roxana ignores that her brother Alejandro owns a company that buys and sells diamonds. However, all of this will be diminished when Interpol finally catches up with the money trail.

Roxana has been arrested and interrogated and is then taken to Las Dunas Prison, a boarding school that is unique in Mexico, in that it houses men and women all at the same time, even though they are separated by different pavilions. There are different types of crimes that can result in a criminal record. Xavier sends Daniel Laborde, as an undercover agent, as an infiltrated agent to Roxana. Without knowing they are related, he is trying to get information by falling in love with Roxana.

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During the second season, two years have passed since the first one. Having learned that Roxana (Fernanda Castillo) shares the same name as her missing sister, the Professor (Raul Méndez), commander of the Anti-Drug Unit, will not be willing to leave her. In the aftermath of these conflicts, two blood brothers, who were once brothers, became enemies.

Will there be Season 3 of Enemigo Intimo?

It is not guaranteed that there will not be a third season of the show even though this episode didn’t end with the word “to be continued.”. Roxana and Alejandro will continue their story, as it appears to be the safest thing for the last chapter.

You can watch the second season of Intimate Enemy: Season 2 on American Netflix, which has 113 long episodes together. If you want to watch Intimate Enemy: Season 2 on British Netflix, you can change your Netflix region to the United Kingdom by following these simple steps.

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