Entourage Season 9 Release Date Is Still Not Announced!

Entourage is an eight-season American comedy-drama television series that premiered on HBO on July 18, 2004, and ended on September 11, 2011. Doug Ellin created and largely wrote the series, which follows the acting careers of Vincent Chase, a young A-list movie star, and his childhood friends from Queens, New York City, as they try to advance their nascent careers in Los Angeles.

The show’s executive producers were Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson, and its premise is loosely based on Wahlberg’s experiences as a rising film star.

Entourage Season 9 Release Date

In August 2010, HBO announced that the eighth season of Entourage would also be the show’s final season. According to reports, series creator Doug Ellin is interested in writing an Entourage film but is having difficulty coming up with a storyline that makes sense.

Some have questioned whether an Entourage film will be made, but star Adrian Grenier told Today’s Matt Lauer that the show “will persevere.”

Entourage was conceived, according to Mark Wahlberg, when his assistant asked if he could film Wahlberg and his friends, calling them “hilarious.”  According to other reports, Wahlberg’s long-time friend Eric Weinstein came up with the idea of filming the actor’s group of friends.  However, Donnie Carroll, the inspiration for the Turtle character, claimed that the idea for a show involving an actor and his friends came from him.  It began as a book idea titled from the Hood to Hollywood, A Soldier’s Story, based on Carroll’s own life and his interactions with Wahlberg.

Originally, Vincent Chase was supposed to be more like Wahlberg, but it was decided that some of his and his friends’ activities (particularly some aspects of their criminal past) would not work well on television. A softer approach was eventually chosen.

Entourage Season 8 Release Date24 July 2011
Entourage Season 8 End Date11 September 2011
Entourage Season 9 Release DateCanceled

Entourage Season 9 Expected Story

Entourage Season 9 Release Date

The plot of Entourage revolves around Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier).  Eric Murphy is his best friend and manager (Kevin Connolly). “E,” as he is affectionately known by his friends, is based on Mark Wahlberg’s friend and executive producer Eric Weinstein. He’s also said to be influenced by Stephen Levinson, Mark Wahlberg’s manager.

Johnny “Drama” Chase, Vincent’s older half-brother, is Vince’s personal chef, trainer, and bodyguard. Johnny is a C-list actor who previously appeared on the fictitious show Viking Quest. His role in the new fictional hit show Five Towns had begun to resurrect his fame and career, though he had received less recognition than he would have liked.

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The drama received offers for more and more roles as the show progressed. The show concluded with Drama having his own animated TV show called “Johnny’s Bananas” and landing a new TV movie thanks to Vince’s assistance. Drama is based on Johnny “Drama” Alves (Mark Wahlberg’s cousin), whom Donnie Wahlberg hired to keep his younger brother out of trouble.

Salvatore “Turtle” Assante (Jerry Ferrara), another of Vince’s childhood friends, completes the group of friends. Turtle’s official role is that of Vince’s driver and assistant, though his worth as such is frequently questioned. Carroll passed away on December 18, 2005, as a result of an asthma attack.

Connolly, Grenier, Dillon, Ferrara, and Piven are all credited in the opening credits of every episode of the entire series. Debi Mazar, who appeared as Shauna as a recurring guest star in season 1, is promoted to opening credits billing in season 2. Mazar’s season 3 appearances were limited due to her pregnancy, and she made her final regular appearance in episode 42. (Season 3 finale). Mazar appeared as a special guest star in seasons four through eight. In the first two seasons, Melissa Gold (Perrey Reeves) and Lloyd (Rex Lee) have recurring roles.

Entourage Season 9 Expected Cast


The Cast and guest appearance of the series is as follows:

Entourage has a slew of recurring characters. Some are made up, such as Malcolm McDowell’s “Terrance McQuewick,” while others, such as Mark Wahlberg, Bob Saget, Pauly Shore, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Mandy Moore, Sasha Grey, and Seth Green, play fictionalized versions of themselves.

Every episode of Entourage features at least one celebrity guest, such as actors, film directors, film producers, musicians, and professional athletes playing themselves. Eminem, LeBron James, Mark Cuban, John Cleese, Phil Mickelson, and many more make cameo appearances.

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