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Erin and Aaron Season 2 release date: Will it Continue

Erin and Aaron debuted earlier in 2023 on Nickelodeon, although released on Netflix in November 2023. Speculation is now rife about the potential of Erin & Aaron Season 2 release date, fueled by the sudden accessibility of the story to a much wider audience. However, nothing has been confirmed just yet.

In the show, Aaron is steadfast and organized, practicing his music every day, while Erin is more spontaneous and unpredictable, playing when she feels like it. Despite their differences, they share a love of music and song, which leads them to find common ground and start believing in each other. This dynamic can easily sustain more episodes in a follow-up season. The renewal status of the show is currently unknown, so its performance on Netflix will be crucial in the coming weeks and months.

Erin and Aaron Season 2 release date

Netflix and Nickelodeon have decided not to renew the teen musical comedy series Erin & Aaron for a second season. With Netflix heavily involved in Nickelodeon, they will carefully monitor the watch and completion time for shows like this before green-lighting further seasons. Despite Nickelodeon being owned by Paramount Global, many shows from the network have enjoyed great success on Netflix, including Zoey 101, which was recently featured.

The announcement of the cancellation came via Instagram on February 5th, with Jensen Gering writing a heartfelt post thanking everyone involved but ultimately concluding there won’t be a season 2.

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Cancellation Announcement: Erin & Aaron

Our show ‘Erin & Aaron’ has come to an end.

I want to thank all the fans who loved, watched, and supported our show. The experience I had being a part of E&A was truly one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. Getting to do comedy, sing, and play music in one show was the best. I learned so much, worked so hard, and had the time of my life. I am beyond thankful to Nickelodeon and Netflix for this amazing opportunity and for believing in me.

The family that showrunner Patty Gary-Cox created along with Executive Producer and Creator Dicky Murphy and Executive Producers Sean W. Cunningham, Marc Dworkin, and Producer Samantha Martin was beyond what I could imagine. We had so much love and support the entire run of the show. I seriously couldn’t have asked for anything more. Getting to go in the studio every day with my castmates and friends for life, super talented girl Erin Ava Ro, superstar lil sister Pyper Braun (who is starring in the film ‘Imaginary’ in theaters next Month! GO SEE IT), Mom Larisa Oleynik, Stepdad Dave Jung, and friends Luca Diaz and Celia Méndez, and laugh so much was everything.

I have to send a special thanks to Director of Episodes 1-3 Wendy Ann Faraone whose love and guidance was just amazing. This show was my first audition with my amazing agents Emily Urbani and Tiffany Treibel Martinez at The Osbrink Agency. And of course, Cindy Osbrink all of whom I am forever grateful for. I am equally grateful to Casting Directors Amber Horn, Danielle Aufiero & Ron Pennywell who took a chance and let me audition for this project. The three of you rooting me on (and continuing to) is such a blessing.

Special Mentions in the Cancellation

There are, of course, many more people who were involved in this project. On-set singing and piano coach Neara Russell, guitar coach Nicholas Monahan, producer/songwriter Chris Sernel, wardrobe Nicole Gorsuch, Choreographers Cris Judd and Jason Chong. Thanks to everyone behind the scenes as well. We had so many laughs and memories I will hold onto forever. The show lives on Netflix, and the songs live on Spotify.

Thanks for following me on this journey, and I’m looking forward to what’s next in music, acting, and life!”

Where to Watch Erin and Aaron Season 2 release date

You can watch “Erin & Aaron” on Netflix, where the show was released in November 2023. Despite its earlier debut on Nickelodeon in 2023, the series gained broader accessibility and attention through its Netflix release. However, the distributors have decided not to renew the show for a second season. The cancellation announcement came via Instagram on February 5th, with Jensen Gering expressing gratitude to the cast, crew, and fans for their support throughout the show’s run.

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