Fairy Tail Season 10 Release Date And Latest Updates

Fairy tail Season 10 is a series based on the popular manga series of the same name by Hiro Mashima. The tv series directed by Shinji Ishihira premiered in 2010 with their first season that went on for a total of 48 episodes. The series received a positive response from viewers. It has won Animax Asia’s Anime of the year, Best Japanese anime, and Best French dubbing awards. The music for the anime I composed was by Yasuharu Takanashi. The series Fairy Tail Season 10 also has an action video game build on it named Fairy Tail: Portable Guild.

The series follows the feat of Natsu Dragneel who is on the journey to discover about his father and on the way befriends Lucy Heartfilia and various other wizards. The latter later becomes a member of the titular guild and goes on missions to earn money. The series is set in the fictional setting known as Earth Land.  Natsu, Lucy, and their guildmates are wizards with amazing abilities but that is not all the series has.

It also shows various other species with enhanced abilities. The quest to find his father is wrapped up with the help of all the other wizards and thus many think that the creator does not have any further content to show o write about. For the nine seasons and 328 episodes, the show kept the viewers engaged with various plots and twists and that has kept the audience wanting more. Here are all the details we know about Fairy Tail Season 10 Release Date.

Fairy Tail Season 10 Release Date

As of now, no official notification has been made regarding Fairy Tail season 10 as by the end of season 9 It was declared that the series has been wrapped up. The last season ended the wrestle of Natsu and Lucy with Acnologia and thus putting a proper end to the series so the only way it comes back for season 10 is if the writer or the producer thinks of something new that is good enough to hook the fans to the show and keep up the standard of the show’s storyline. The show has a good fan following with high expectations hence the story needs to have the thrill everyone is looking for.

Season 9 was made in two different sections so that the loose ends could all be threaded together. In the first section called the Avatar arc, they finished the storyline of manga volume 49 to 51 leaving just the last chapter of volume 51. In the second section, they worked towards a neat wrap-up and reconvened the previously dispersed guild.

Ever since the series wrapped up in 2019 fans have been wanting a comeback. Although the chances seem pretty slim as the last episode wrapped up the entire manga. Now the only way this could happen is if Hiro Mashima writes further or the producers of the show come up with something new. The disappointment of the fans is understandable given that the series was thrilling and kept them hooked for the nine seasons.

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Will There Ever Be Fairy Tail Season 10?

Although the chances of it being made are slim to none in case the series is made again there are certain characters, we can be a little sure of that shall definitely make it to season 10. As Natsu is the main character of the show who is incredible with amazing skills and also is the kind of friend we all desire he is a sure shot, also his cat Happy who is his close pal with astonishing flying abilities.

Apart from the male lead Natsu, we have the female lead Lucy who is a voracious reader and wants to pen down her journey as a celestial wizard. Then we have Charles who is an associate of Wendy, it’s a pleasant character and definitely has amazing abilities that will always be interesting to watch. Lastly, we can never forget The Salamander. All of us have a friend in our life who is brilliant and chill which is not always taken well by people around them.

Fairy Tail Season 10 Trailer

No official update about another show has yet been made by the production team. As for a trailer, many can be found on the internet for season 10 but all of those are fan-made and depict their sweet wishful thinking. Their title sure gives hope to anyone yearning but none have been posted by the makers yet. The thing to look forward to is probably a new manga chapter as it is a manga series and who better to continue than the actual creator?

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