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12 Fate Apocrypha Characters: Best To Worst!

The audience who is a great fan of action anime, as with any other genre engages in a dark and often taboo ritual. Have a very shady and tasteful Choice in anime. Which also keeps them busy to watch and creates the same level of excitement. This is a show which is filled with dreadful and devilish chitchatting and obviously, those who all have seen should have witnessed it in the show. Which then leads to an endless loophole of he said, what does she say, with no one escaping undamaged as no spitting truths? Yes, this is what we are talking about the powerful characters. Lately this topic of discussion heavily influenced by popular opinion and railroaded by specific scenarios that favor one particular favorite character of the same. There are a lot of people, and no one is glad when they leave. It means the emotional attachment from this series character’s has turned audience life upside down. So now that you are here, let’s talk about the best of  Apocrypha’s ten characters.

So here is a list of characters but before that let me tell you that this series is inspired by a Japanese novel named Type moon which has several franchises. This series has a large number of characters which has both fictional and those who are inspired by mythological characters. So here we go:- 

1. Sieg

Fate Apocrypha Characters

He is the main Apocrypha male character. He is introduced as a nameless supernatural creature, who is one of several that Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia made to serve the undivided tribe. Sieg manages to break free and is saved by Astolfo thanks to his surprise high-quality Magic Circuits. Sieg is mortally wounded while being pursued by Gordes and Siegfried, but Siegfried saves him by giving him his heart. Sieg has the power to driven and provides freedom to his fellow after Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia was killed, which let him enter the Greater Grail War and become Astolfo’s master which is a big thing for them. Sieg has this ability that can temporarily transform into a Germanic hero, gaining his powers and Noble nightmare, bypassing Siegfried’s heart. He also gains weird sort of things which is that he has access to Frankenstein’s Monster’s abilities. With Jeanne, he forms a romantic bond. Sieg and Astolfo win the Grail War in the end of the novel and in the series too as this series is well inspired by it, with Sieg wishing to turn into the dragon with a lot of skills and set, and Astolfo transporting the Greater Grail to the other side of the globe to prevent Shirou Amakusa’s wish from coming true. Before reconnecting with Jeanne, he stays there for some time. 

2. Shirou kotomine

Fate Apocrypha Characters
Shirou kotomine

 For most of the Grail War, he masquerades as a simple priest, and it isn’t revealed that he is actually a Servant until halfway through the series. He was the second servant to be assigned to the Ruler class, having been summoned during the Third Grail War and was given a physical body after coming into contact with the Grail. Grail actually changes every character available. In this series, after 70 years he entered the Holy war named grail in which he is the head of red servants. So basically by red servants, there are different teams set in this series. So he played well because he hid his identity for almost entire war for some safety precautions and was known by the name Amakusa Shirou who is a great leader of shimabara troops. 

3. Jeanne

Fate Apocrypha Characters

She is known as the strongest character as all because she is also a cheater. she was distracted as facilitator to learn some techniques in grail war camp who is also ruler class. servant. As a result, one of her jobs is to keep things under control. To accomplish so, she has servant Command Spells for each servant. Virtually every servant in Fate/Apocrypha can be given an almost unbreakable commandment by each of them. She’s gotten to the stage where she can make them commit suicide. Though she is an important character but it looks more of a devilish plans as if she is the main villain. She also has a unique sort of magic which is that she can scan an individuals past and can also make them hurt in a way that it won’t hurt the person. Although, this sort of magic won’t harm her. Like she is been transformed into this way. and she also has her who powers. 

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4. Spartacus


Once he was captured then he was known to be the servant of black servants and before that, he used to lead Diemlets pentels servants. He is very well  known as the Spirit of Revolution, a behemoth of a man who rebels and battles against all sorts of “persecution,” and he revels/wins in battle. Spartacus is dispatched to attack Yggdmillennia, but he is caught and indoctrinated into becoming Avicebron’s Servant by the enemy. Crying Warmonger is his Noble nightmare, which enhances his power as he takes more damage before eventually killing him from abuse.

5. Semiramis


Despite not being a Caster, Shirou Kotomine’s Servant is a demigoddess that wields poison as well as good as magic. She is ostensibly in love with Shirou, his co-conspirator in his schemes. She is well-dressed, powerful, and domineering, but she can become enraged if she is queried or challenged. Semiramis has two Noble nightmares, from which the first is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which also  serves as the Servants of Red’s headquarters after Shirou’s true intensions were revealed, and another is “Sikeraum”, which leards her to turn an environment very poisonous. Semiramis escapes Mordred’s destruction well enough to grant Shirou a painless death via a tainted love. 

6. Achilles


Cabik Pentel’s and Shirou Kotomine’s servants. Achilles, the immortal Greek warrior, was educated more about being a hero by Chiron rather than being a lazy sheep and the two eventually fought each other on the battlefield. He is depicted as a brave, self-assured, and noble figure. When Chiron’s Noble nightmare was that to strike Achilles’ iconic heel after defeating him in a fist combat, Achilles loses his immortality. Achilles battles Atalanta after giving him one of his Noble nightmares and both of them die of mortal wounds. Achilles has a number of good nightmares which includes the Troias Tragidia chariot and the Akhilleus Kosmos shield, which summons a tiny version of the Colosseum to resist attacks. 

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7. Chiron


Yggdmillennia’s Servant Fiore Forvedge Chiron, a Greek hero and centaur, disguises himself as a human to conceal his true identity. Chiron is calm, knowledgeable, and loyal to Fiore, yet he convinces Caules that his sister lacks the fortitude to be a wizard. Chiron’s greatest desire is to reclaim his hard longevity. Achilles, who is known as the Rider of Red, was one of Chiron’s students, and the two had a squabble throughout the story. Chiron and Astolfo are the only final Servants of Black to fight the Red faction, with Chiron defeating Achilles in a duel but using his power’s as much as possible, Antares Snipe to remove Achilles’ immortality with a celestial arrow.

8. Gordess 


Master of the Saber of Black and a First-Class Alchemist. Gordes have generated many humanoid beings which also means supernatural creatures that serve Yggdmillennia. He was a pompous, proud, overweight, and easily offended man. He wastes two of his Command Spells early on due to his overbearing command of Siegfried, and he is left without a Servant when Siegfried dies himself to save Sieg. Gordes survives the conflict with the help of his assistant Toole, who encourages him to consider his creatures as individuals.  

9. Frankenstein monster

Fate Apocrypha Characters
Frankenstein monster

In Apocrypha, Yggdmillennia’s Servant, Caules Forvedge In an anime Apocrypha, Frankenstein’s Monster is not a fictional character, but a real person. Victor Frankenstein’s female creation was rejected by her creator, who wished for her to have a spouse. She prefers to be called as “Berserker” as Caules’ Servant, and she generally responds with grunts, but she can speak. She is a lovely person who enjoys gathering flowers, but she also has a dog-like aggressive side. which is very harsh and nobody can bare it. Her Holy Grail request is to be granted a mate. “Bridal Chest,” her electrical war hammer, and “Blasted Tree,” a massive surge of lightning that will cause her to self-destruct, are her two Noble Phantasms. 

10. Avicerbon


Yggdmillennia’s Servant by Roche Frain Avicebron is the second Servant summoned by Yggdmillennia, and a 12th century philosopher who developed the thaumaturgical system Kabbalah in the Fate universe. Avicebron wears a featureless mask because he claims it is hard to view people in the eyes because of his contempt for humanity. Large golems for Yggdmillennia are built by him and Roche. “Golem Keter Malkuth,” his Noble Phantasm, is a massive autonomous revenant that must be powered by a terminal core. A human host with receptive Magical Circuits serves as the terminal core. Avicebron joins Shirou Amakusa’s side, sacrificing Roche to use his Noble Phantasm. Chiron kills Avicebron, who then unites even more with his Golem Keter Malkuth, attempting to establish Eden on Earth with its might, but Sieg and Mordred destroy it.

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