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Fate zero season 3 Cast, Plots, And, Release date

Talking about another anime series, Fate Zero Season 3 is a type of superheroes adventures based anime and is really good to be watched for, but truly not a perfect material as its source novel and it is illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi, In the whole series including season one and season two, Shirou named boy has battled with his servants but interestingly, there are a lot of action scenes and adventures between it, which is really worthy for viewers to explore.

The series had also a touch of romance and team spirit and producers did a really great job in balancing both aspects till the last episode, without clinging too much to any of the Adobe aspects. The animations included in it truly seems like the scenario of another world of superhumans and its background really makes feel like there is a serious battle going during the whole series.

Overall, the series was a success in showing the theme of the inspired novel and one can clearly see, who had already read this novel, that a lot of work can be done on characters and sequencing of the story. I would still consider it decent anime which can be probably also seen by kids and will be surely a fantastic feast for them. It must be watched by kids and teens but their counterparts of the above age group may not be interested in it, but if they make their mind to invest their spare time in it, they will surely not be disappointed after watching it.

Fate Zero Season 3 Release date

The first season of the series was aired from October 1, 2011, to June 23, 2012, with a total run of 25 episodes plus OVA. As the popularity of the series, it can be expected by its fans that the third season of it will also be released and its announcement will be made in the last trimester of 2022.

Fate Zero Season 3 Story

The story continues as a boy named Shirou was adopted by a magician named kintsugi Emiya after his parent’s demise. Emiya teaches him about justice and alchemy. One day, when he was cleaning his school, he had an encounter with two superhumans working in the form of servants and they were intended to harm him, but somehow he escaped with life-threatening injuries on his body.

He was later cured of the injury, but still, the servant was looking for him to take his life away. In defense, he ties up with a knight named saver and as the story continues, they both find themselves in the middle of a war with seven servants and the wizard. The winning prize of this brutal death battle is the holy grail. He has to survive those evils and finish them also till the end of his life. He eventually learned that to become a hero, one must also know the darker side of any aspect.

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Fate Zero Season 3 Characters

Shirou emiya is a boy who was adopted by kiritsugu emiya after the demise of his parents. He is also the owner of the saber knight and fights alongside him till the end of the fifth battle for the holy grail. In early episodes, it is shown that kiritsugu was not intended to teach him magic but after his continuous requests, he agreed. He has a feeling of emptiness in a part of his heart as he was the only survivor of the incident and to fill it, he tries to help others as much as he can.

Saber is the servant of kiritsugu emiya in the fourth holy grail war, and he also served Shirou in the fifth holy grail war. The looks of the saber are just like a teenage girl having a thin body, fair skin, and shiny blonde hair also. She has a lot of maturity and experience which is intact in her from the past when she served kiritsugu. Her body doesn’t age at all which is the main reason for her being looking like a teenager forever. She is very loyal to her master and holds strong willpower.

Archer is also a servant and serves one of the female leads, Run toosaka. He does not have any memory from his past life and this is the reason for him being in a state is amnesia in his complete summons. He has a very sarcastic nature, and throughout the series, he eventually shows his other dark sides too. He believes that sacrificing your life for the sake of others is really a stupid idea.

Fate Zero Season 3 Trailer

The status of the trailer is the same as the status of the announcement of the third season of the series, but still, viewers and due heart fans of the series are expecting that the trailer of the upcoming season will have more characters with amazing superpowers and will be much more revealing about the overall theme of the season.

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