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Filthy Rich Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers

Filthy Rich is an American-based Drama with the genre of Soap Opera. The series revolves around a luxurious Southern family who has gained fame and is a billionaire using a Christian television channel located in Louisiana. But unfortunately, the founder passes away in an uncertain death due to a plane crash. But with his death, new members turn up who are known to be his children. The names of his illegal children were present on the will. It reveals that he had an illicit affair with another woman. Their only motive was to own the empire and everything written in their names.  The show has been produced by Kim Cattrall, Jason Roberts, and Sheri Holman. The series consists of season one with ten episodes.

Filthy Rich Season 2 Release Date

In 2019, Fox had declared that the series would release during the Fall. It got delayed due to several conflicts. The entire show got shifted to Fall 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. In September 2020, the premiere took place. The show was made available on Disney+Hotstar, CTV in different regions. Fox rejected the show after its season one. The rest of the episodes got aired at the same time. On October 30, 2020, Fox canceled the series after the first ten episodes. The remaining episodes continued to air in their regular timeslots, before concluding on November 30, 2020. But can fans expect a season 2? Well, ever since Fox declined the renewal of the second season, it has become nearly impossible for the fans to expect that there will be a season 2 of this show. A season 2 can only appear when the show gets the right of broadcasting by some other channel. But that isn’t happening any time soon. So, fans have nothing much to do rather than wait!

Filthy Rich Season 1 Release Date21 September 2020
Filthy Rich Season 1 End Date30 November 2020
Filthy Rich Season 2 Release DateCanceled

Filthy Rich Season 2 Expected Story

Filthy Rich Season 2 Release Date
Filthy Rich

The first season was very happening for all its viewers. The entire first season had fun and adventurous moments. With the death of McRaney in the plane crash right before the company was about to receive its huge success was uncertain. But there are several work opportunities for his wife. The children who appeared later in the show, all the wealth was to be shared by his wife. Several facts unfolding with each episode made the viewers excited throughout the first season. It is expected that season 2 will also be as exciting as season 1. It will have immense laughter and fun. The viewers will barely get a chance to binge on the show without any excitement.

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Filthy Rich Season 1 Story

As said earlier, the show has immense fun and events that seem adventurous. The story begins with the death of McRaney in the plane crash right before the company was about to receive its success was uncertain. But there are several work opportunities for his wife. His wife was very dedicated to her work as she was aware of the money, she would make with it and also cause of her unconditional love for him. The main trouble began when the three non-biological children appeared in the show. They were children of the woman with whom he had an illicit affair. They were to be given a share of all the inheritance and wealth. The season had ten episodes. The return of Eugene, Rose’s wedding, returning and staying with his family after they have moved on now mourning his loss, a lot has happened in the first season. Giving a sense of excitement, miracles, and dissatisfaction. And with no season 2, this show is almost a mess for many fans, as some fans are way too excited for the next season.

Filthy Rich Season 2 Cast

Filthy Rich Season 2 Release Date
Filthy Rich

The cast and crew of the show, Filthy Rich play a very crucial role in gaining viewers. This show has got plenty of brilliant actors to attract its viewers. Kim Cattrall plays the role of Margaret Monreaux, who is a successful television host and the founder of the network. Melia Kreiling plays the role of Ginger Sweets, who is his illegal daughter of him and who also wants to be a barrier between Margaret’s plans. Steve Harris plays the role of Franklin Lee, he is the lawyer and the helper to the Network. Aubrey Dollar plays the role of Rose Monreaux is known to be a fashion designer and moved away from her mother as she was unsupportive. Corey Cott plays the role of Eric Monreaux, is a VP of the network. Benjamin Levy Aguilar plays the role of Antonio Rivera, who is the son of Eugene. Mark L. Young plays the role of Jason Conley. He is a marijuana grower. He is also recognized as Eugene’s son. Gerald McRaney plays the role of Eugene Monreaux, known to be Margaret’s husband who even revealed several other secrets. Olivia Macklin plays the role of Becky Monreaux, known to be Eric’s wife.

Other casts were Deneen Tyler playing Norah Ellington, Aqueela Zoll playing Rachel, Rachel York playing Tina Sweet, Annie Golden playing Ellie, Alanna Ubach playing Yopi Candalaria, Thomas Francis Murphy playing Hagamond Sheen.

Filthy Rich Season 2 Trailer

Fox announced the trailer release in the year 2019. The viewers have been thrilled to watch this show. Let’s have a look at the trailer.

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