Finding Happy Episode 4 Release Date: Will Yaz Find Her Happiness?

We all want to witness happiness in our life, in fact, we are already in search of it, but why do we try to find happiness? Being sad is very easy but finding happiness is kind of hard, we all feel like that but finding Happiness is also not hard, little things can bring a smile to our faces, and little things can affect us too, but not being happy is not a thing that we should do, to know more about happiness, to learn how to stay Happy Bounce TV is going to show us a new television series that is related to happiness and many viewers have a strong feeling that this series is going to be a wholesome one.

Finding Happy is an ongoing American series that is created by Kendra Jordan and also directed by her and the rest of the directors and producers are Camille Brown, Honesty J. Edwards, Jackie J. Stone, Reesha L. Archibald, Yasmine Coleman, Eric Rhone, and Angela Wells. This new series is very catchy and has very fresh content, the viewers of this series have been appreciating the storyline as well as the star cast for portraying the characters very well, Finding Happy is a very effective series, if you are someone who seeks happiness and want it so desperately then watching this series will help you a lot.

Finding Happy Episode 4 Release Date

Finding Happy Episode 4 Release Date

Finding Happy is a very anticipating series but the storyline is still quite unpredictable what attracts the viewers in the genre and overall synopsis of this series, as it is a relatable kind of series fans are curiously waiting for the episodes of Finding Happy. The first two episodes are already out, the first episode and the second episode got aired on the same day, September 24, 2022, so the series just started recently but it is already drawing the interest of the viewers due to its poignant storyline.

The first two episodes did so well and fans are pretty satisfied with the first two episodes. There are some viewers that were waiting for the premier of Finding Happy but they are still unknown of the fact that it is already out, if you are one of them then you can watch the first and second episodes now, the next episode is set to be released on 1st October 2022 and the fourth episode will be aired on 8 October 2022, only 2 episodes have been released so far, the total number of episodes is 10.

Name of the ShowFinding Happy
Episode NumberEpisode 4
Finding Happy Episode 1 Release Date24 September 2022
Finding Happy Episode 4 Release Date8 October 2022
Finding Happy Episode 4 Overview

Finding Happy Episode 4 Story

The story of Finding Happy is very poignant as I have highlighted above, the story is about Yaz who makes a very common yet different decision on her 36th birthday, she decides to find happiness and make some changes in her life whether it is about her profession, love life or family. What will happen to this woman? Will she be able to fulfill her decisions? We all make some promises on our birthdays but sometimes we fail to keep them, will Yaz be able to keep the promise she made on her birthday?

There are no spoilers for episode 4, but the story will continue where episode 3 finishes.

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Finding Happy Episode 4 Cast

Finding Happy Episode 4 Release Date

The cast of Finding Happy Episode 4 includes B. Simone as Yaz, Marketta P. Wilder as Jamila, Stevie Baggs Jr. as Porter, Chrisy McDaniel as Chanel, Sarah Toran as Princess Charles, Mason Douglas as Lil Young Baby, Amber Reign Smith as Rac, Josh Rhett Noble as HR Rep, Darius Devontaye Green as Police Officer, Neketia Henry as Tina, Romel Rose as Travis, Rosé Belara Young as Cashier, Chaver Smalls as Kevin, Kim Coles, Angela Elayne Gibbs, Mike Merrill as Dexter.

Finding Happy Episode 4 Trailer

The official trailer for Finding Happy is up on YouTube but you do not need to search the trailer, the trailer is attached above you can check out the trailer and let us know what you feel about the series as well as the trailer. The trailer is not that long but it does help us to know that Yaz is the main protagonist of this series and how she is very determined to change her life and to grow as a different person after her 36th birthday.

Where To Watch Finding Happy Episode 4 Online?

Finding Happy is now available on online streaming platforms, if you are a user of Bounce Tv then you will be happy to know that this series is available on Bounce Tv, for now only two episodes are available and the rest of the episodes will be available according to their scheduled dates. There are also many streaming sites that provide the new episodes of Finding Happy, you can search more about the streaming sites on the internet and steam the show there.

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