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Floor Is Lava Season 4 Release Date Is Not Announced Yet!

Do you like watching reality shows, especially game shows? If, yes then we have the right kind of show for all of you that you will enjoy. The show we are talking about is none other than Floor is Lava which was first released in 2020. It has been created by Irad Eyal and Megan McGrath and has become quite popular for its unique format.

With a new season that is season 3 on its way to release, the fans of the show have been curious to know when is season 4 releasing and whether it is on the future plan or not. And here we are to give you the answer to it. So, keep reading.

Floor Is Lava Season 4 Release Date

Floor Is Lava Season 4 Release Date
Floor Is Lava

As much as we know that you love the game show and would want as many seasons and episodes as possible to enjoy and see how many will cross the obstacles and who will win, we will have to give you the true update on the game show and its renewal for the new season that is season 4. The renewal of season 4 of Floor Is Lava has not been confirmed yet by the officials and the distributors yet. This means that for the time being season 4 is not on the list until the team updates on the renewal and gives us the good news.

Till that time, you should not miss the third season of the show, which seems really interesting already. So, make sure to not miss any episode of season 3 and we never know by that time we might get the news for season 4 too. You do not have to worry at all because you know we will give you the update of the renewal or the cancellation as soon as we get it and it is released and we will update it here. So, remain connected with us to get the latest update the moment we post, and once again do not forget to watch the new episodes and the winners that will be released for season 3.

Name of the ShowFloor Is Lava
Season NumberSeason 4
GenreGame Show
Floor Is Lava Season 1 Release Date19 June 2020
Floor Is Lava Season 4 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Floor Is Lava Season 4 Overview

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Floor Is Lava Season 4 Story

Floor Is Lava is a game show that has an amazing format making it one of the most popular shows. The game is based on passing obstacles and hindrances that are set in the way. The participants are required to pass the hindrances that are set in a room. Around 80,000 gallons of goop are there in the room. The goop stimulates lava and the participants have to climb and pass using their hands and feet and move all the objects that are set on the lava and above. They have to make sure that while doing this they do not fall and reach the finishing point successfully to win. The episodes consist of three teams each with three members and the team that has the greatest number of survivors and who successfully exists the room or completes quickly wins. The winners do not fight just like that but also get a cash reward of $10,000 and an award that looks like a lava lamp.

Floor Is Lava Season 4 Cast

Floor Is Lava Season 4 Release Date
Floor Is Lava

The show does not consist of a cast as it is a reality show and a game show. Therefore, the show consists of hosts and participants. The participants change as the game moves forward. So, the only cast available for the show is the host. Rutledge Wood is the emcee and the presenter of the show who makes it even more interesting and fun to watch the game show.

Floor Is Lava Season 4 Trailer

If you are new to this game show or still unaware of the third season that is set to be released soon, then you should watch the trailers. The trailer is available on the official channel of Netflix. You will get the trailer for all the seasons on the channel and can see how the show is designed, how the contestants compete, and how hilarious it gets. I am pretty sure after watching the trailers you will want to watch the show.

Where To Watch Floor Is Lava Season 4 Online?

If you have decided to watch the show or want to catch up on the third season that will release soon then let me tell you where you can watch it. The show is available exclusively on Netflix. There are 15 episodes in total and the running time varies from 25 to 37 minutes. The first episode of the third season will release on September 30, 2022, so get prepared for the new contestants and their fight to the exit and the grand prize without falling on the lava floor. Do stay connected with us to get the latest updates on the show and on season 4.  

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