Forest Of Piano Season 3 Release Date And Updates!

Is there is any return of forest of piano season 3? What will be the renewal status for it? Here you got the all mandatory information you need to know.

As we all know nowadays anime television series is much superior among audiences. The reason behind it is that anime is an adaption from the manga series, which has been a great volume over that time. All anime movies or series shares some concern which creates a good impact on audiences. The comics are scripted in such a way to makes it anime is fab. Now here we all are going to talk over the Forest of Piano Season 3.

Forest of Piano, Piano No Mori: The Perfect World of Kai is a Japanese manga series based on the musical genre. The manga was written by Makoto Isshiki in 1998. The series was concluded with 2 successful seasons with 24 episodes (12 each). This was originally released on April 8, 2018, and end in the year 2019.

Now the question arises will be there another season for this anime series? Till now there is no official date or release is scheduled for the second season. Here are all the details about the Forest Of Piano Season 3 Release Date.

Forest of Piano Season 3 Release Date

Forest Of Piano Season 3 Release Date

Forest of piano season 1 & 2 is directed by Gaku Nakatani, Ryutaro Suzuki, and Hiroyuki Yamaga respectively. This was originally premiered on NHK General Tv in the year 2018. The English dub of this series was available on Netflix. It also achieved the outstanding prize for the best manga at the 12th Media Arts Fest in 2008 because of its extremely unique style. It is too early to think about the renewal of the third season just because of the pandemic.

But on the other hand, we can also see that the series has a conclusive end and no more story or script is left.

Till now, there is no official announcement revealing the renewal of the third season. If we see around the series then you got to know that, all the chapters are covered from the manga in the anime series. The reviews for the last 2 seasons were awesome mostly among the lower age group. We don’t assume the cancellation of the series but we assume the break for the next season.

This we assume because there is no such information revealed about the cancellation of the show. Predominantly, anime displays are stereotypically reintroduced after five years, so there’s adequate time left for Gaina to declare a renewal. For more, you can watch the Forest of piano English dubbed with subtitles on Netflix. 

Very soon we update you with the confirmation details till then, stay updated with us.  As of now, there is no Forest Of Piano Season 3 Release Date.

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Forest Of Piano Season 3 Story

Forest of piano season 3

Music-based genre series are found very cutest by the audiences and same review by this series. The story reveals the existence of two poles apart characters. One is the son from the red light area (which is considered a prostitute) and another is from a well-known musician’s family. Being drama the story concludes in a very moral way. The story starts with a boy named Kai Ichinose, a boy from a red light area. One day he drips from his town in the forest to play the piano.

Later on, another boy named Shuhei Amamiya transferred to the school of Kai. Somehow, he was bullied by this classmates and enclosed by a dare to play the piano in the forest. There he met with Kai, he found his only way to escape out from it. Slowly-slowly Shuhei learns that kai is a great piano player and decides to learn from him. After that, they both form a great relationship of friendship.

A serene anecdote about two boys from very diverse backgrounds shows that caste or discrimination doesn’t matter when the intentions are pure. Up till now, it is their mutual bond with the piano that eventually interlinks their paths in life.

Forest Of Piano Season 3 Cast

Kai Ichinose voiced by Soma Saito and Ryoko Shiryashi, Shūhei Amamiya voiced by Natsuki Hanei, Wei Pang voiced by Yuichi Nakamura, Sōsuke AjinO voiced by Junichi suwabe, Lech Szymanowski voiced by Kenn, Takako Maruyama voiced by Aoi Yuki and Sophie Ormesson voiced by Maria Ise. For the latest updates stay tuned.

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