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Forever And Ever Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed?

Do all of us out there not love romantic dramas? Are we not always swooning over little crooked smiles and heartfelt emotions? Did we not once become so giddy while watching a romantic scene that we practically tried to enter the world of television through the screen?

I know that answer to all the above questions is yes for all my romantics out there. Some have found their one and only and have started checking items from their to-do list while some are still waiting for the great and heart-sweeping meet-cute.

Based on a cute love story that starts from a meet-cute at the airport is a world-famous Chinese Drama called Forever and ever. The story is about a very sweet, down to earth and talented vice actress in the industry named Shi Yi and a sophisticated college professor who teaches chemistry named Zhou Sheng Chen.

Since they meet slowly they fabricated this amazing bond between them that they forge from helping each other through their crisis and simply being there for one and other. The ignition to this highly romantic connection is their mutual love for the traditional craftmanship and how they both strive to prevent it from becoming forgotten and want to see it blooming at its former glory one day.

Forever and ever Season 2 Cast

The show is directed by Shen Yang and is written by Mo Bao Fei Bao. As the cast of the show, we have a great team of famous, hard-working, and well-appreciated around the globe stars. We have in main roles- Allen Ren playing Zhou Sheng Chen and Bai Lu playing the role of Shi Yi. As supporting cast we have- Zhao Ya mi playing the role of Lian Sui, Ci Sha playing Mei Xing, Wang Yue Yi playing the role of Hong Xiao Yu, Jack Lok playing Zhou Wen Chuan, Wang Rui Zin as Zhou Wen Xing, and many others.

Forever And Ever Season 2 Release Date

Hardly has season 1 ended and people are already desperately waiting for season 2 to come up. They have ransacked the resources online and have made several requests on social media regarding the show to return soon. Such is the power and charm of this romantic series that ticks all the boxes- family drama, mother of the guy not liking the girl, family business, and slow-growing romance going against all odds. So, if you are one of those people too do not worry, we have got you covered. We have been doing some digging, read along, and discover all we have collected for you.

The series is based on a romance that is beyond the current life of the characters. The romance that began in their past life which did not end in them being together for life manifested itself to give rise again in their current life and this time it ends well for them.

To all who want more, we are sorry to disappoint them with the news that the series shall not be coming for another season. Yes, you heard it right, there shall be no season 2 of the show Forever and ever. Very recently the series wrapped up its first season with the 30th episode giving a happy ending to all the characters. The series was loved more and more and increased its viewership throughout the world with each and every episode that aired.

To all those disappointed with the end do not worry. This series is actually a sequel to One and Only. This is a Chinese drama that was also very well-loved. So much so that the requests of fans for more actually led to the making of this drama, which again is loved by all. The stars of this show as well have done some other great work too. So, to pass the agony of the news of series not coming back you can always catch up on these.

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