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Futmalls Season 2 Release Date Is Out Or Not?

This is basically a Taiwanese adaptation of the popular British sci-fi series Black Mirror, but with a twist: everything mysterious happens due to an online shopping website. According to the summary, Zhao Xuzhen’s investigation into a series of bizarre occurrences leads him to a mystery website named, which purports to be from the future. The site allows customers to purchase anything, including future love, fame, and beauty. The item is non-refundable, and the cost is unfathomable. If you enjoy science fiction mysteries, the premise is engaging enough. (Futmalls is an abbreviation for Future Malls.) Bai Yongli, a well-known novelist, is stressed out due to writer’s block in the first episode. She enters the website out of desperation.

We see the first murder scene after only five minutes: her discolored body has been discovered at home, bound by red rope into a kneeling prayer position. We later learn that the position is featured in one of her books.

Futmalls Season 2 Release Date

It was expected that Season 2 of was set to premiere in December 2021, however owing to delays, the date has yet to be announced. The good news is that is still in the works, and an announcement is on the way.

Futmalls Season 1 Story

Futmalls Season 2 Release Date

Three different stories are told in this series, all of which are linked to the website Police detective Zhao Xu Zhen’s investigation into a series of bizarre events leads him to a mystery website named, which purports to be from the future. Customers can purchase anything from the future, including future love, fame, and beauty, on the site. Futmalls is a strange shopping site with an unlinkable URL that presumably selects users at random.

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Futmalls Season 2 Cast

Bryan Chang, a Taiwanese actor who plays Xuzhen, the mystery case investigator. This eye delight is the security blanket sheltering us from the spookiness of the creepy murder, looking like an oversized version of local actor Pierre Png with the charming intensity of Hong Kong great Tony Leung Chiu Wai. The first episode also hints at his romance with Eugenie Liu’s psychotherapist Yang Nianjun, who, of course, treated our dead novelist. It’s almost unnerving to witness Eugenie as a quiet and mild-mannered doctor after seeing her as a loud and gungho ah lian in last year’s Triad Princess. Bryan Shu-hao Chang will be seen as Zhao Xu-zhen, Eugenie Liu seen as Yang Nian-jun, Bruce Hung seen as Li Zhong-wei, Shao Yu-wei seen as Bai Yong-xin. and there are many who be will be recurring like   Liu Xiang-da , Zhan Guo-xiang , Jiang Mei-zhen

Futmalls Season 1 Recap

Futmalls Season 2 Release Date

Yes, I’ll set aside Lee Joon-gi K-dramas for this. Yongli’s terrifying death position, as well as the mystery surrounding her third book, have grabbed my interest. Is the assailant someone she knows. The mother’s storey (played by seasoned Taiwanese celebrity Phoebe Huang) and her dead son should be a tearjerker as well. So far, the series has demonstrated a solid story-telling component. A plus is the high production value. Bryan Chang is believable as a professional and intense investigator, and I’m looking forward to Phoebe’s heartbreaking performance. is currently trending on China’s Youku, which also commissioned the series.

Binge-watch this series here on Netflix.

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