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Gangsta Season 2 Release Date, Characters, and Expected Story

Written by the well-known writer Kohske, Gangsta anime is the adaption of the manga series Gangsta and was released on the 15th of July back in 2015. With its complicated and interesting storyline starting from the first episode, the show managed to pull a great audience.

With the directing of Shuko Murase, The Anime series aired till the 27th of September of 2015 making a total of 12 episodes with a controversial turn in the finale where the series was left on the cliff max when Marco’s story was so much in the play and when were things were about to take a turn where we were going to know why Connie was Being Targetted and why as Joel so furious at Marcos and not only these, the series end created a big puzzle in the mind of the viewers of the series by which the anime ended up getting mixed reviews about it.

The last released chapter of the Manga series Gangsta was chapter 56th and was released in December of 2018.

Gangsta Season 2 Release Date

Gangsta Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the series, which was released in 2015, received lots of positive reviews and love from the fans, but as of now, there is no official confirmation about the release date or time of season 2 of the series.

Whereas the Season 1 of the series was produced by Manglobe, the production company which went bankrupt and with a debt of 350-million-yen debt since 2015 as a result, there hasn’t been any official confirmation or anything about the continuation of the series for a second season.

The manga writer of the series Kohske revealed that they have been diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus disease on Twitter and that they are suffering through anemia too, whilst they didn’t give any hint or leak about the season 2 of the series, they said that they will continue to work on their manga slowly.

Name of the ShowGangsta
Season NumberSeason 2
Gangsta Season 1 Release Date1 July 2015
Gangsta Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Gangsta Season 2 Overview

Gangsta Season 2 Story

While there are no official confirmations about what is going to be the story of season 2 of Gangsta. We can predict the series will follow the manga adaptation and may continue the storyline of the series from chapter 29 of the manga.

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Gangsta Anime Season 1 Recap

The story follows the lives of Nicolas and Worick who works as “Handymen” also known as “Benriya”, they work for money and handle jobs like no one else, doesn’t matter if it is from a mafia member or a policeman. They live in the city of Ergastulum, the crime-ridden shady Ville that is mafia-governed, where history looks to repeat itself as the tension between the four powers grows 

Their lives start to change when a cop asks for their help in taking down a gang member, who is from a mafia family and they find out the job is much more than they could have expected.

And as the story continues, Alex tries to find out about The Handymen’s whilst remembering her past

Gangsta Anime Season 2 Characters

Gangsta Season 2 Release Date

The characters of season 2 of Gangsta are still a mystery as they are not revealed, yet we can expect the same characters of season 1 in season 2 also.

The main cast of Gangsta Anime follows various characters voiced by some of the well-known voice actors in the Anime Industry. In this series,

Nicolas Brown, voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda, is one of our main characters and is a “Handyman”, he is a deaf twilight and a former mercenary and is working with Worick and Alex; Worick Arcangelo, voiced by Junichi Suwabe, is one of the main protagonists of the series who was born in Wallace Arcangelo, and is prominent normal; Alex Benedetto, voiced by Mamiko Noto, the secretary of the Handyman and was a formal prostitute, She is also a part-time singer; Constance Raveau, voiced by Ami Koshimizu, the owner of a gun shop In Ergastulum and the granddaughter of Granny Joel; Doug, voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino, a highly ranked twilight and member of the Paulklee Guild

Though many other characters are shown in every different episode of the series, these are the characters who never leave our side and entertain us throughout the story.

Gangsta Season 2 Trailer

Though there are some chapters whose Anime adaptions are still pending, we have no official information about the second season of Gangsta, so we need to wait for the official trailer that might come anytime with a surprise.

Where To Watch Gangsta Season 2 Online?

 The complicated and interesting storyline of season 1 will make your head pop and will make you fall in love with the amazing animation of the series. Gangsta is available on Netflix and Hulu, so grab your popcorn and get ready for the show!

 As there is no official announcement about the release of season 2 of gangsta anime yet, we cannot predict on which platform it will be released, whenever there will be an update regarding the series, we will try to update you with that as soon as possible. Till then stick with us for more updates.

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