Garcia! Season 2 Release Date: When Will This Spanish Show Come To You?

Garcia! Season 2 Release Date

¡García! is a Spanish television series that is gaining a lot of popularity all over the world because of its unique and enthralling concept. The series is made based on the graphic novel by  Luis Bustos and Santiago García.

Created by Sara Antuña and Carlos de Pando, the series features the genres of thriller and science fiction.

The first season of this series has just been released and is ongoing. The fans of the series are already excited to know about the second season. When will the second season be released? Is there any information available online about season two? Have the makers released any information about season two?

Let’s read and find out all that we have available about season two.

Garcia! Season 2 Release Date

 The first season of the series was released on October 28, 2022. The season is still ongoing and is going to have 6 episodes. Each episode of this series will have a running time of about 40-45 minutes.

To the fans of Garcia, who are desperate to know about the details of season 2, we regret to inform you that there is nothing available as of now because season 1 has just started and is still going on. We can only expect some details about the season to release only after season 1 ends. There is a possibility that the makers might announce something as soon as the first season ends or they might take their own time and release some information sometime later.

All we can say is that there is nothing confirmed available about season 2 and we will have to wait for the first season to finish to have some updates about season 2 from the makers. Till then we can enjoy the first season and see how the storyline moves ahead.

Name of the ShowGarcia!
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAction, Adventure
Garcia! Season 1 Release Date28 October 2022
Garcia! Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Garcia! Season 2 Overview

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Garcia! Season 2 Story

The story of this series shows the version of current-day Spain which is vulnerable to societal collapse. The series is based in a corrupt setting and explicitly shows controversies. It revolves around Antonia, a reporter who unintentionally, by accident stumbles on a cryogenically frozen agent called Garcia, who was cryogenized in the 1950s. Garcia gets defrosted by Antonia and finds himself in a new world which leaves him baffled.

We are yet to watch how season 1 ends so based on the wait we can make some estimates about the storyline of season 2. As of now, we can say nothing about how the story is going to proceed in season 2.

Garcia! Season 2 Cast

Garcia! Season 2 Release Date

Francisco Ortiz is in the series as García, the protagonist. Veki Velilla is in the series as another protagonist, Antonia.

Daniel Freire is playing the character of  Neffenberg. Francisco Reyes is in the series as Winters. Emilio Gutiérrez Caba is playing the character of Jaime Ortiz. Silvia Abascal is playing the role of Catalina Bellido. Diana Gómez is in the series as Feli.

Apart from these, we also have, Lola Herrera, Nico Romero, Helio Pedregal, Miki Molina, Mario Pardo, Marina Gatell, Pepe Ocio.

We can make no estimates about the cast of season 2. The protagonists are going to remain the same but about the other characters, all we can say is that we might see an addition or elimination of some characters depending on how season 1 ends and how the plot moves forward in season 2.

Garcia! Season 2 Trailer

Several trailers are available for season one. There are no trailers available for season two yet because season two is still being telecasted and has not ended yet. Also, we would like to clarify that there is no chance of the trailers of season two being available anytime sooner because season one has not concluded yet. It is only after season one ends that the makers can begin the making of season two after which we will get to watch the trailers.

Where To Watch Garcia! Online?

Not many options are available to viewers for watching this series. The only platform where this series is available for streaming is HBO Max. The viewers will therefore have to have access to this platform for watching this series. Whenever season 2 releases, it will also be available on HBO Max for watching.

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