Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

The Series Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun kicked Season 2 off an extremely wholesome and unconventional story, which follows the high school life of Nozaki, Sakura, and their friends. Sakura trying her best to confess her feelings and Nozaki being denser than a neutron star couldn’t get a clue creates the backbone of the series throughout the main part but the plot isn’t stuck to that one idea only it goes out and explores the other aspects of the life of almost all characters. The story is extremely amusing and the plot remains tight throughout the course.

Each and every character is unique and is loyal to their traits which makes them more likable. The supporting characters, their connection, and their involvement with the actual plot make the series more appealing. From heart-throbbing sweet moments on Sakura’s behalf to Nozaki’s hilarious oblivious way of dealing with it, the series also gives the supporting character the attention they deserve and they never disappoint. Each interaction within every character has something meaningful which makes the world setup of the series more visible or the viewer.

The problems Nozaki faces with his manga are all practical and actually make sense. The simplicity of the anime with proper attention to every character along with well-placed humor and romance made the anime authentic and widely appreciated by fans and they are eagerly waiting for the next season as they cannot wait to see more of Nozaki, Sakura, and their friends.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the anime was released on 7th July 2014 and was widely acclaimed and very well received for its well-maintained balance between intellectual and light comedy. The anime has grown a lot popular and fans are eager to wait for the next season to be released though there is not much clarity regarding the next installment.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun Season 2 Story

16-year-old Chiyo Sakura hilariously fails to confess her feelings to her crush Umetaro Nozaki and receives his autograph in return. Apparently, Chiyo gets invited by Nozaki over his place only to realize that she has been bestowed with the job of inking by Nozaki who is a mangaka whose work gets published in a magazine. Sakura joins Nozaki in his endeavor of publishing manga and starts helping him out whether by coming up with romantic ideas, ideas about characters and even trying out ideas in practice to add in the manga yet Sakura waiting for an opportunity to confess her feelings.

But in their attempt to try their romantic ideas for manga in practice they didn’t achieve much success. Later Nozaki introduces Sakura to his friend Mikoto Mikoshiba who appears to be a popular flirt, a guy with appealing pick-up lines and confidence but the truth couldn’t be farther. He is actually a shy guy who gets embarrassed by his own words. His shyness is evident from his behavior from the first time he went to Nozaki’s place along with Sakura where Sakura realizes that the main heroine of Nozaki’s manga is based on him.

He is also a helping hand in Nozaki’s manga as his artistic abilities lie in adding background objects like flowers and all. Sakura introduces Yuzuki Seo also known as “Glee Club’s Lorelei” for her angelic voice, yet an over-energetic kinda insensitive, oblivious girl as a potential candidate to fit in a shoujo manga as requested by Nozaki. Mikoshiba then introduces Yuu Kashima who plays the role of a prince even after being a girl and she is very popular among the girls of the school. Masayuki Hori, Kashima’s senior often scolds and punishes her for her being dense and irresponsible almost all the time.

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Sakura helps Hori to paint some sets and realizes that Hori is the one who draws the background for Nozaki’s manga. Later Nozaki and Mikoshiba spend a night playing a dating simulation game which made him realize that the best friend of the MC in the game has been the real one caring for him which influenced Nozaki to write a story on this which Sakura realizes to be a story belonging to Boy’s Love genre.

Mikoshiba later asks for Nozaki’s and Sakura’s help to overcome his shyness as he has been invited to a mixer which didn’t work out too well. Later Nozaki is found to be cleaning his apartment for his editor Ken Miyamae, whom Nozaki deeply appreciates in comparison to his previous editor Maeno with whom didn’t have any pleasant experiences dealing with, but his attitude towards Nozaki made Sakura skeptical.

Sakura then meets Yukari Miyako, who also happens to draw manga in the same magazine as Nozaki and also meets Maeno. On being asked to make the heroine of the manga more expressive of her feelings by Ken, Nozaki pretends to be the heroine of his manga for a day which ended up hilariously which made him draw the conclusion that he needs to study more as Mamiko.

Nozaki encounters Hirotaka Wakamatsu, his junior from middle school, they were also on the same basketball team. Nozaki comes to learn about Wakamatsu’s problem with sleeping thanks to Seo’s antics but the issue of sleeping gets resolved with the help of none other than “Glee Club’s Lorelei’s” singing. Wakamatsu confronts Seo after being influenced by Nozaki’s shoujo manga but ends up being friend-zoned thanks to Seo being dense.

After receiving an “SOS” text from fever-stricken Nozaki, Hori, Sakura, and Wakamatsu storm into Nozaki’s place, and the three teams up to help Nozaki out with his manga though they found certain difficulties. Nozaki and Sakura go out together with their own motives in their head. They encounter Mikoshiba at a dool store in a mall. Later, Mikoshiba volunteers to model for the art club. Kashima discovers Hori has been reading  Yumeno’s shoujo manga with dedication, being confused for a while Kashima came up with the conclusion that Hori wants to be a princess so she did anything she could to fulfill Hori’s wish.

Hori gets frustrated while asking Nozaki to draw backgrounds properly. Hori collapses during a rehearsal and Kashima wearing a bull mask carries him to a nurse’s office. Later Sakura and Nozaki find themselves on a rainy day both without umbrellas. Seo lets them borrow her’s then Chiyo cherished her walk with Nozaki while Nozaki took the opportunity to gather more intel on romance. Later they ask Miyako to stand up against the crazy recommendations of Maeno.

Nozaki asks Wakamatsu to accept a movie date with Seo as he saw this as an opportunity to gather more material for his manga’s side characters. Kashima bows down for help when Hori announces a musical production for her incapability to sing. Hori and Kashima get involved in a duel but Hori soon realized that Mikoshiba kinda resembles Mamiko when he volunteered. Nozaki tries out a variety of surprises on Sakura to get some reference to ideas to sprinkle some excitement into his manga.

Mikoshiba, Hori, and Wakamatsu end up having a sleepover in Nozaki’s apartment to avoid the rain which helped nozaki to gather intel for his manga. The climax of this season of the anime ends up with Sakura taking a step up to make a progress in her relationship with Nozaki as she discovers the chocolate that she meant to give to Nozaki on Valentine’s day. Sakura and Nozaki along with their friends’ join attend the summer festival where Sakura takes a trip down memory lane where she first met Nozaki. As the fireworks display started Nozaki whispered something to Sakura but what she said remained a mystery to her.     

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun Season 2 Characters

Sakura- Ari Ozawa provides the Japanese voice for Sakura. She is from Tokyo, Japan.

Nozaki- Yuuichi Nakamura from Kagawa Prefecture, Japan played the Japanese voice for Nozaki. Suzunura Kenichi gave him the nickname “You-Kyan”.

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