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When To Expect Gen: Lock Season 3 Release Date?

Gen: Lock is an American anime-influenced TV series. The genre is science fiction. The season has 15 episodes. The show made its first debut on 26th January 2019. It’s a 3D animated mecha science series. 

The show piqued the interest of many. IMDb rated the show 7.3. The runtime of the show is 30 mins each. Season 1 was released in 2019. And season 2 in 2021. 

Now the main question is will there be a continuation of the series? Should fans wait for a new season? Or the show has come to an end?

Well, that’s why you’re here. For me to clarify your doubts and relieve you from your anticipation. Stay tuned for updates and more.

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Gen: Lock Season 3 Release Date

Gen: Lock Season 3 Release Date

I’ll be the first to break the ice fast. I am really sorry guys. As far our sources reached and from what we could gather. There’s no news about the new season. Either the show will be delayed further or there might be a gap for it to premiere. The date is not scheduled yet. Information about its cancellation has not reached our ears yet. So, yeah you can chill a bit. But if we follow the pattern of the release of the season. Each season gets aired every year. So, the chances of its next release by next year are very high. So, yeah keep praying!

You may get a new season by 2022.

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Gen: Lock Season 3 Expected Story

The season 3 premiere date will be broadcast on HBO. Not much is revealed yet. So, how the plot would mold is not shared. As far as our sources could reach the show will be an incredible one, with much to explore. There are significant elements and expectancy which would be highlighted further.

Another amazing series is broadcasted from the same company that was brought by Red versus Blue, Rwby, Rwby chibi, and Camp. This is an incomprehensible show. The audience would have to examine what could be a completely dreadful future, with a convincing, practical, or more all else fascinating collection of characters. These are the characters that you actually think about all the time. You trust them, your mind will return to hit you, in order for you to avoid spoiler-filled subtitles.

Gen: Lock Season 2 Recap  

The creators of the series thought of something completely different and new. The plot concept has more adult adaptation with an increasingly more complex plot that has a tussle between a simple good versus evil. Some of the issues stem from the story from the previous season, but you will get to see a whole new side of it in this.

The season opens up with a narrative exposition with visual cues to bind each season together. The war has taken a turn for the worse, and the Union has manufactured an army of Nemesis, while the Polity loses territory after territory. The team is fractured, to the point where everyone is tense and worried. But there is a huge “but” over here. As the story progresses with this plotline the readers can feel there is something amiss among all these. The thing is much of the story gets lost!

Gen: Lock Season 1 Recap

Gen: Lock Season 3 Release Date

In the year 2068, you will see a different side of the earth. The city is no longer free. Society too is forcibly absorbed by the vast autocracy. The losing side is pushed by an Experimental Science unit that controls a variety of prototypes. They are controlled by young pilots. They are the new members recruited for the new project. Slowly and gradually, they will find that their newfound abilities will not come at a low cost.

What are their newfound abilities? What will happen next? Well, go and find out!

If you haven’t yet watched the series. Go and watch now. Now, with the new content and plot idea. The series came out to be very interesting. I am sure you will be binge-watching the show! The show is available on HBO. Go and subscribe and watch. That’s all for now! 

Happy Watch! 

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