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Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2: Release Date, Predicted Story And More!

Anime is currently one of the most popular forms of entertainment and the one with the highest level of growing audience as well. Some animes do not perform as well as they were intended to and this is okay. Because, most of the time we cannot deny the efforts that have been put into making that product. Light novels or manga are always the origin stories of most animes. With their stories adapted from manhwa/ light novels they bring these stories to life.

The story in discussion today is Giant Bears of Ars. Yes, this is the mangas series that most audiences a re speaking about. Having premiered recently, the audience is more curious to know about the second one rather than checking out the first one.

Thus, this article is dedicated to discussing the prospects of a second season of Giant Bears of Ars and its release date, predicted story, etc. So, if you are here for these details too, let’s dive into the world of anime!

Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2: Release Date

Giant Bears of Ars is a new anime series by Asahi Productions and came out in the winter of 2023. The story quickly hit the small screens are received a lot of reviews by the audience has made us all curious about the plot. The story is set in a world called the Ars where humans have been seen waging wars against giant beasts for years to keep their land and resources.

To fight against these beats, humanity has these champions named Nagimori who fight with the powers of Kannagi. This has helped them gain magical powers and uncontrolled destruction. Even in this world, man is seen with his cruel actions towards these beasts for his own profit.

The first season of Giant Bears of Ars of released on 7 January 2023. Since it coming to be the next January, the fans are expecting a second season. well, there is currently no official release date or confirmation about Giant Bears of Ars season two.

Some stories that have problems with execution and lack proper storyline do not come back and this might be the case for Giant Bears of Ars as well.

Studio Asahi currently has two projects under its wing which means they do not believe that another season of this failed story will bring them profit.

There also is a shortage of source material. Yes, the first season has taken on the entire material available and thus, there is not much left for another season.

Considering the fact that Asahi Productions usually takes up only two projects most years, they are not known for failed sequels which has led us to the moment now that there will not be another season anytime soon. The makers will have to make an announcement about its cancellation soon or they will leave the audience waiting for a long time.


Giant Beasts of Ars Season 2

The story of Giant Bears of Ars lacks a lot of things: execution, a thick plotline and consists of loopholes. The source material seems to be over now as well, so there might not be another season until the material has been continued. If the author finishes soon, there might be a prospect of us seeing the show sometime in the next two years for sure.

Thus, considering the poor reviews, the lack of a good storyline has led us to conclude that the story will surely be coming in anytime soon. We can say that the story has been cancelled but, there still might be a small chance of renewal.

When there is more material available, the makers might try to give it a shot and improvise the next season to bring in a happy ending for the show as well, so let us just wait and watch.

The next season of Giant Bears of Ars can be expected to release only if there is a continuation in the source material and the loopholes have been fixed. Otherwise, the story can be considered to be cancelled and will not come back anytime soon and will be cancelled. The anime can be streamed on HIDIVE.

Stay tuned for more!


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