Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date and Characters

Anime television series are made of different kind of genres, action, fantasy, horror, and thriller ones hit really hard but the romantic comedy genre anime television series have a special place in our hearts, they make us feel happy and entertain us when we need to be calm and happy, there is one such anime television series of that particular genre, can you guess the name of the anime television series that I am talking about? Well, I know you must have guessed the right name, Girlfriend Girlfriend is a Japanese anime television series that has gained many viewers because of its fun-loving genre.

It is not an anime television series but it is also a Japanese manga series that is written by Hiroyuki and it got published by Kodansha, the manga series got released on March 4, 2020, and it is still ongoing, as of now it has 12 Volumes. The anime version is directed by Satoshi Kuwabara and produced by Hiroyuki Aoi, Kentarou Hattori, Masahiro Hibi, Souichirou Naitou, Sumio Udagawa, and Shintarou Yoshitake. It got aired on July 3, 2021, and for now, it consists of 12 episodes. It is also popularly known as Kanojo Mo Kanojo.

Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date

Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date
Girlfriend Girlfriend

Girlfriend Girlfriend is back in the trend because the fans are excited to watch the second season of it but do you know why it started trending suddenly? If you are a fan of this anime series then you will be very happy to know that this anime series is confirmed to have a second season, fans have been asking about the official release date of it but as of now the official release date is not yet announced, we can expect to see the second season maybe in December month or the next year. As of now, we can not say anything about the release date we can only make assumptions now but there are a lot of possibilities to watch the next season next year. What do you think about the release date of the second season?

Name of the ShowGirlfriend Girlfriend
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreRomantic Comedy
Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 1 Release Date3 July 2021
Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 Overview

Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 Story

Well, most probably the second season will take over from the last episode of the first season, and as it is originally a manga series so the storyline of the anime version will be definitely like the storyline of the Manga. As the main protagonist of the series is Naoya so basically the second season will be more focused on him and the storyline will also show whom he is going to date and what will happen to his relationship status. We can expect to see the second to be more funny and interesting.

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Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 Characters

Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date
Girlfriend Girlfriend

It is kind of obvious that the characters will be the same in the second season, maybe there will be some new characters in the second season of Girlfriend Girlfriend. The characters are Kiryuu Shino, Minase Nagisa, Saki Saki, Hoshizaki Rika, Mukai Naoya, etc.

Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 1 Recap

The story is about Naoya who is a high school student and he also has a huge crush on Saki, one day he gears up his courage and asks her out, surprisingly she also accepts him and both of them started dating but then the twist arrives in the story when Nagisa, a beautiful and good girl confesses to Naoya that she wants to go out with him, hearing her confession, Naoya feel so overwhelmed and now he has to make a decision, now the question is, what kind of decision he will make?

Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 Trailer

Well, sadly the official trailer is not yet out but that doesn’t mean we cannot expect the official trailer for the second season of Girlfriend Girlfriend, we can still have high expectations for the trailer as there are lots of chances to have the official trailer for the second season of this anime series. We can wait for it and let’s see what will happen, stay connected to our page to know more about the trailer for the second season of Girlfriend Girlfriend and to stay updated on this anime television series.

Where To Watch Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2 Online?

If you want to watch the first season of Girlfriend Girlfriend online then you can watch it on many OTT platforms such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc, the first season is available on Netflix as well as Crunchyroll, you can watch it on both at any time, anywhere. And if you are wondering where to watch the second season then as of now we do not know anything officially but most probably the second season will be available on Crunchyroll or Netflix.

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