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Girls Frontline Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Spoilers

Girl’s Frontline is an anime that is animated by Asahi Production. It is also produced by Warner Bros. Japan. It is directed by Shigeru Ueda. It has 12 episodes in total. It was released on 8 January 2022 to 26 March 2022. It is also known as Doll’s Frontline.  The English Dub of Girl’s Frontline was released on 4 February 2022. 

Girl’s Frontline is originally based on a Chinese mobile strategy role-playing game. It is developed by MICA TEAM, a China-based studio, and Sunburn Network Technology. It was launched on 20 May 2016 in China, 18 January 2017 in Taiwan, and 30 June 2017 in South Korea. And 1 August 2018 in  Japan under Doll’s Frontline title. The global English version of the game was released on 8 May 2018. 

At the beginning of July 2019, the Chinese manga series was published online by Bilibili with the title Girl’s FrontlineFrontline: The song of Dolls.  Miharu illustrated it. The Japanese manga was serialized within the Monthly Comic Rex. 

Girl’s Frontline Season 2 Release Date

Girl's Frontline Season 2 Release Date

You are not the only one who has noticed the demand for Girl’s Frontline Season 2, all of us are hoping to see the second season of it, and many fans are still having high expectations from the second season but currently, there is no update about Girl’s Frontline season 2. But we will notify you soon when we find out any information related to it. 

Name of the ShowGirl’s Frontline
Season NumberSeason 2
Girl’s Frontline Season 1 Release Date9 January 2022
Girl’s Frontline Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Girl’s Frontline Season 2 Overview

Girl’s Frontline Season 2 Story

We can expect to see who is the mastermind behind all the troubles with further development of stories. And how well the girls play to get the mastermind. 

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Characters and Voice Actors of Girl’s Frontline Season 2 

Girl's Frontline Season 2 Release Date

Well, we do not have any details about the characters of the second season but you can check out the characters of the first season below: Mikako Komatsu voiced Gentiane

Nozomi Yamane voiced M16A1, G43, Yukari Tamura voiced M4 SOPMODII, Haruka Tomatsu voiced M4A1, Emiri Katō voiced ST AR-15, Akio Ōtsuka voiced Berezovich Kryuger, Tomomi Mineuchi voiced UMP45.

Hitomi Nabatame voiced Agent, Kaya Okuno voiced Scarecrow, Shizuka Itou voiced Executioner, Eriko Matsui voiced Skorpion, Sumire Uesaka voiced PPSh-41, Ai Nonaka voiced HK416, Ayaka Suwa voiced Negev.

Yume Maihara voiced TAR-21, Karin Mitarai voiced Galil, Saori Ōnishi voiced Micro Uzi, Kanae Ikadai voiced DP28, Sumire Yatsurugi voiced FNC, Asuka Itou voiced PPK, Naomi Mukaiyama voiced MP5, and Akemi Misaki voiced FN49.

Girl’s Frontline Season 1 Recap

The story of Girl’s Frontline is based in 2045. Most parts of the world were devastated by Collapsed Fluid Pollution. After World WarIII many people lost their lives and huge destruction was caused in the world’s population as a result large amounts of land became uninhabitable. To maintain peace in this Uninhabitable land and being on the Frontline many private military contractors began using the Tactical Dolls (T-Dolls), which are Android-based dolls.  

T-Dolls are undoubtedly superior to human flesh and blood but they do need a command from humans and humans have to issue their orders as they lack in the formation of plans. 

One day the Al of munitions company Sangvis Ferry suddenly started rebelling against humankind. 

Griffin and Kryuger were the only strong military organizations that could withstand the battle and stop the further destruction that would be caused by Sangvis Ferry. To investigate the news related to Sangvis Ferry an elite task force ‘ Team Anti-Rain’ went. They searched for highly confidential information against Sangvis Ferry in an abandoned warehouse but were charged shortly. To keep the data safe the Team Anti-Rain got disbanded and hidden somewhere. 

A gifted but lazy AI Gentiane was assigned her first mission by Griffin as a rookie commander to track down the hidden members of the Team Anti Rain and restore all the data from them before Sangvis Ferry finds it. 

In the last episode, AR-15 is infected by the Parapluie virus and is an ongoing threat to her teammates for which she decides to sacrifice herself and kill the mastermind. As AR-15 faced the Mastermind in the building, she saw Bobby trapped with explosives and her message was played which was for the AR- Team. 

She said that initially disliked her teammates but she grew to like them and care for them. She said her goodbye with this. The mastermind is still alive even with the sacrifice of life of the AR-15. It is informed by an agent that another T-doll is infected with the Parapluie virus.

Where To Watch Girl’s Frontline?

You can watch Girl’s Frontline season 2 on Crunchyroll if in the future there will be a second season of it. 

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