Girly Air Force Season 2 Releases Date Possibilities!

For the past few years, anime industries are growing at a very fast pace and now it is not limited to the boundaries of a country. You can enjoy watching shows movies and anime at any time with your Smartphone. Several OTT platforms are available with numerous shows that can amuse you anytime. Science Fiction shows are my all-time favorite and in my opinion, is every anime lover also appreciates watching one. Girly Air Force is also a Science Fiction show based on the light novel of a similar name. The show is directed by Katsumi Ono. The show illustrates the story of a girl called Kei Narutani who confronts his savior a girl who is an Anima the pilot of a different type of airplane named a Daughter. That girl is Enlisted by the Japan Self-Defense Force, together they are selected to protect humanity as per the plot summary described by the IMDb. Season one of the show premiered in 2019 and provided a total of twelve-episode from January to March. So it has been the last two years when season one arrive and now people all over the world are still wondering about the second season on the show, and the thing is that season one of the show remains some questions unanswered, when will they get the answer?

Girly Air Force Is Renewed For Season 2 Or Not?

The all-over research, we have done so far found that Girly Air Force is not renewed for a second season as of now. The makers of the show left it unsaid when will season 2 arrive and not even a word about season 2 is disclosed publicly till today. Quite possible behind this can also be a global pandemic that pushed many shows back from their schedule. But we predict that chances of getting season 2 are competitively high because it is a novel based series and the novel has a total of 12 volumes and still going on, so there is sufficient material available for the forthcoming season of the show. Season one of the show received mixed reviews from the audience and as we have found it also didn’t have that high rating on IMDb and MyAnimeList.

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Girly Air Force Season 2 Release Date

Fans of the show are waiting for the release date of the show for the past two years and still, they didn’t get it. As we have mentioned before that the show didn’t get the renewal now and it is also not ensured that when will it confirms. So we have to wait until the renewal arrives. Our best guess is that later in 2021 if we get the announcement of the renewal then we can surely get the series early in 2023 and a time of one and a half is enough for making another series.

Girly Air Force Season 1 Recap and Plot Expectations For Season 2!

The show arrives with some different things and some action sequences which is admirable. The story shows that our planet has come under attack by the mysterious armed group called Zai. This armed group use extremely high technological weapons. The story follows a young girl called Narutani and one of his close friends called Minghua both of them manage to live together in Shanghai. Both of them are force-evacuated to their own country Japan which is now under attack by Zai. Kei Narutani confronts his saviour a girl who is an Anima the pilot of a different type of aeroplane named a Daughter and daughter is a code name. That girl is Enlisted by the Japan Self-Defense Force, together they are selected to protect humanity.

Now movie forwards the plot expectations of Girly Air Force Season 2, as mentioned before this anime is an adaptation of a light novel that has a total of 12 volumes so the story of season 2 can explore in many different ways. However, what will be the story of the show is difficult to tell now, as we will get some lead about that we will provide the update.

When will Girly Air Force Season 2 Trailer be Release!

For now, you have to satisfy yourself with the trailer clip of Girly Air Force Season 1 because season 2 of the franchise is not even announced by the makers yet. Season 2 Trailer will be released by the makes when the season 2 release date is announced. But this one is a prediction. What we all know so far is that the anime industry is uncertain.

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