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Given Anime Season 2 Release Date Updates

The Bl anime intrigued the interest of many BL lovers and anime fans as well. Season 1 completed its airing in 2019. With 11 episodes, the manga adaptation runs for 22 mins each. The summer anime’s genre includes BL as I have already mentioned. 

The drama, slice of life, romantic anime received a rating of 8.35 from My Anime List (MAL). With an audience upvote of 4.9/5 and an IMDb rating of 8.4, the anime is an ideal binge-watcher. It strikes the rare balance of gay love and to the extent of being erotica, the wonderfully plotted-out story simply won the audience’s hearts. 

After a successful season, many are wondering if the anime will have a season renewal. Will there be a comeback? Will there be a new season? When will season 2 be released? Is it canceled? What is the date? What is the story? These are the common questions, don’t get anxious. Keep scrolling. We will answer all your questions. 

Given Anime Season 2 Release Date

Written by Natsuki Kizu, the anime was licensed by Crunchyroll. Fans were hugely anticipated for the anime to have a season 2. But then it was announced that the anime will release a movie. The movie came out on August 22nd, 2020. The anime aired the sequel as well. But as of now, no news of a second season release has reached our ears yet. The second season will focus on the second version of the manga that we know for sure. With the movie selling 100,000 tickets in Japan the anime is on the audience’s good side. So, if things turn out well, the anime might release a second season. You may have to wait this year and maybe the year next as well. 

If something reaches our ears, we will update you fellas. For that, you need to stay tuned. Our sources are working on getting the updates, don’t worry guys. Keep watching the anime again if you loved it. And for those who haven’t yet watched it, do give it a try. 

Given Anime Season 2 Expected Story

The first season of the anime was full of excitement, romance, and fun. Who knows, maybe the second season will include more of each of it. A more romantic tale, sheer fun, and loads of excitement are commuting right up. Bottoms up! Season 2 will mainly focus on the relationship between Aki and Haruki. 

But what happens then and next is for you to find out and not me to tell right? So, guys, I will avoid the spoilers and move into the plot details for the ones who haven’t watched Season 1. 

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Given Anime Season 1 Story


The story focuses on the life of four hunks or four high school students who are a part of an amateur rock band. Focussing on the life and romantic relationships among them, the anime is a must-watch. Enjoy the jam sessions and the love that blooms. 

Where To Watch Given Anime?

Originally aired on Fuji TV. The anime is also available on Gogoanime, Crunchyroll, and Netflix. You can stream it on any of these. 

Given Season 1 Trailer

The trailer of Season 1 is available on variable platforms. The link attached above is that of the first one. The new season trailer is not out yet, once, we get the updates we will share it with you folks. Keep reading for the follow-up. Watch the Season 1 trailer and stream the anime next. I am sure, you will have a fun watch.

Go and watch the anime. You enjoy it while I come back with the next update. 

Happy Watch! 

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