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Go Live Your Way Season 3 Officially Canceled By Makers!

Go! Live Your Way Season 1 Trailer

Go! Live Your Way is a Tv Series from Argentina. It’s a musical, comical, romance series following the lives of teenagers. The language of the series is Spanish. But English subtitles are available. To date, the series had 2 seasons. With a total number of 30 episodes. It is streamed by Netflix. The series first aired in February 2019. The runtime of each episode is 40 mins. IMDb has rated it 7. The show was nominated and won one award as well. 

The series has a huge fan base. And received a positive response as well. It is a must-watch Tv series recommended by many critics. But will the show come with a new season? Will you see the actors who entertained you for 30 episodes? Or has the journey come to an end?

All the answers lie here in this article. Read along folks! 

Go Live Your Way Season 3 Release Date

Go! Live Your Way first aired on Netflix on 22nd February 2019. The season has 316 user voters as well. But will the series continue with its seasons?

No official confirmation news has reached our ears yet. Netflix has not officially renewed the show. Even the date is not scheduled as well. With the year 2021 coming to an end, there’s no launch date as of yet. With season 2 it is believed by most and so by us, that the show has come to an end. You can hope for a new season. But we believe that it’s not happening anytime soon.  

Moreover, as our sources confirmed, a third season was announced. Which was to be by February 2020. But then it was confirmed that the series was canceled. This was announced in August 2020.

 Go Live Your Way Season 2 Recap

Go Live Your Way Season 3 Release Date
Go Live Your Way

Season 2 has 15 episodes. As the episode begins Mia questions Ramiro. She is afraid of his involvement with her mother. On the other hand, Alvaro has fear as to whether he should travel to a different school. And later, the teenagers bid their teacher off. Zoe has to face Lupe because of her behavior. Mia is seen interpreting a love letter. Meanwhile, Olivia’s affection is a wonder as well. The season ends with a group performance. And later, Lupe is seen facing the future. Each episode runs in between 23- 43 mins. 

This is a brief summary of Season 2. What happens next and what goes on. That’s for you to find. Go and watch now! 

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Go Live Your Way Season 1 Recap

Go Live Your Way Season 3 Release Date
Go Live Your Way

The series is full of music, comedy, fun, love, and laughter. The season follows the story of Mia who is musically skilled. She is indeed very talented. She wins a scholarship, which takes her to a prestigious academy. But will she be able to achieve her dream? What will happen when injustice and partiality come her way? Will she be able to handle it? Or will Mia lose her calm? With talent, a dream, and aspiration will she be able to overcome it all? 

This season also has 15 episodes. Then what are you waiting for?

Well, watch it and enjoy it. 

Where To Watch Go Live Your Way Online?

Go Live Your Way Season 3 Release Date
Go Live Your Way

You can stream the series on Netflix. Both the seasons are available with English subtitles.

Have a great week, and enjoy the show. If you haven’t watched the series yet. Now is the right time. Go and watch the trailer attached above. Subscribe to Netflix and then start to watch the show. I am quite sure you are going to love the series. 

Then I am going to take my leave. You go and binge-watch!

Adios! Happy Watch! 

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