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When To Expect Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 16 Release Date?

A follow-up series to The Fosters, Good Trouble has won fans’ hearts equally. Callie and Mariana’s new phase of life is both exciting and interesting as they explore the ups and downs of adulthood. Episode 16 of the series is set to be released soon and fans are excited to learn about all the little details. So read on to know everything you need about the new episode.

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 16 Release Date

 Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 16 Release Date
Good Trouble Season 4

The Fosters and Good Trouble fans rejoice as episode 16 of season 4 is all set to be released soon. Fans are loving the new season of Good Trouble and are super excited for the new episode. Season 4 of the show is coming to an end too with just two more episodes left to be aired. 

The storyline of the show is super exciting as The Fosters Sisters face the problems of their personal and professional life in the grand city of Los Angeles. So when is episode 16 releasing? The answer to this question is right here. Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 16 is expected to be released on August 18 2022.

Just a few more days to wait and then you can watch the latest episode of your favourite show on your screens. The story is full of twists and turns and many doubts are getting cleared as we near the ending. So if you missed the previous episodes, definitely catch them online before the new episode releases.

Name of the ShowGood Trouble Season 4
Episode NumberEpisode 16
Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 1 Release Date9 March 2022
Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 16 Release Date18 August 2022
Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 16 Overview

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Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 16 Story

Episode 16 is titled “Mama Told Me”. And it is set to be released soon on August 18. Good Trouble deals with the story of the Foster sisters, Callie and Mariana moving out to Los Angeles and living their own life now. Away from their big family, it is indeed very difficult to thrive in an unknown environment. But when you have your sister with you, you are bound to overcome any difficulties. And thus the two set out in the big world to live their lives. Callie and Mariana live in a posh apartment building called The Coterie. Not only that, but the girls have achieved some great things in their careers also. Callie is a law clerk and works for Judge Wilson while Mariana is a software engineer.

Some details have been revealed about the new episode and what fans can expect from it. Based on the last episode, in the new one, Davia is expected to visit her hometown and finally face all the past demons that haunt her. On the other hand, Mariana and her team struggle to decide what to do about their company’s future as the question lies about prioritizing morals or profits. And finally, Gael and Isabella will address the grim situation between them after a violent fallout.

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 16 Cast

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 16 Release Date
Good Trouble Season 4

Fans love the cast of Good Trouble. A lot of familiar faces from The Fosters also feature in this show. So let’s take a look at the incredible cast of Good Trouble. One of the protagonists of the show is Callie Adams Foster. And none other than Maia Mitchell has returned in her role as an older Callie who has just graduated from UCSD Law School and works at the ACLU in Washington, D.C. The other protagonist of the show is Mariana Adams Foster portrayed by Cierra Ramirez. Callie’s adoptive sister and an MIT graduate running her own company. 

Next comes Zuri Adele as Malika Williams, a political activist cum bartender. She is Callie and Mariana’s roommate. Sherry Cola portrays the manager of The Coterie, Alice Kwan. Tommy Martinez portrays Gael Martinez, Callie’s love interest and a talented graphic designer. Other cast members include Roger Bart as Judge Curtis Wilson, Emma Hunton as Davia Moss, Josh Pence as Dennis Cooper, and Priscilla Quintana as Isabella Tavez. Beau Mirchoff plays Jamie Hunter, a lawyer and Callie’s on and off boyfriend. And last but not the least, Bryan Craig portrays the character of Joaquin Peréz, a mysterious new resident of The Coterie who is looking for his sister. 

Where To Watch Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 16 Online?

Episode 16 of Good Trouble is coming out on August 18. And season 4 is nearing an end too. So where can you catch it online? All the previous and new episodes of Good Trouble are available online on Hulu and the official site of Freeform. So catch up on the previous episodes on Hulu and Freeform before the new one releases.

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