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Gossip Girl Season 3 Release Date & Spoilers

The much-awaited series of the Gossip Girl is going to be released soon. We can expect Season 3 on viewers’ place in HBO Max. This well famous American Teen Drama television series is created with adaptations from the novel series The Same Name By Cecily von Ziegesar.

The viewers can catch up on the aftermath of Julien’s New Year’s Escape, with her trials to false the ties with her sister Zoya, Audrey, May, and Ak. They try to get themselves into Trouble. During this while the main lead, Julien gets active with their negative work through her social media accounts. She joins the forces with the Gossip Girls at the beginning of the 2nd semester.

In Season 1, the drama was based upon the filthy privileged lives of the girls from Manhattan who are Prep School teens. They are keeping track of their dynamic friendships, relationships, and jealousies. The events they are going through create huge ups and downs in their lives.

The genre of the series is Romance. The first season stars Jordan Alexander as Julien Calloway, Whitney Peak is playing as Zoya Lott, Tavi Gevinson as Kate Keller, Eli Brown stars as Otto ‘Obie’ Bergmann IV, and many more versatile casts. Through the first season itself, Gossip Girl had become the talk of the town. It was released in the year 2021 and got a great IMDB rating.

Throughout season 2, the viewers were kept high on their toes with the 2nd Semester of the Junior year for the Fave Constance Billard, St. Jude’s Students. The story is revolving around their lives involving the Gossip Girl.

The Gossip Girl is least interested in her assignments and homework, whereas she is fully focused on the Coveted Queen Bee Position, a relationship with a man who is already married as well as her presence at the well famous Met Gala.

Gossip Girl Season 3 Release Date

The enthralling show will be ending with its 2nd Season on January 26th. Even before the end of the season, the audience is getting excited for the 3rd season with more excitement and spice. Those who are still clueless about the show, please switch on your television and go to HBO Max reboot.  You would be flooded with updates on the upcoming show.

It is still under speculation the much-awaited release of Gossip Girl Season 3 since HBO has not made any official disclosures regarding the new launch. The uproar in the online platforms is giving high hopes to the spectators for the early release of the show.

Name of the Show/MovieGossip Girl
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberSeason 3
Season 1 Release Date8 July 2021
Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Storyline

Gossip Girl Season 3 Release Date

Let’s now dive into the storyline of the new season: Gossip Girl Season 3.  Joshua Safran, the showrunner of the series Gossip Girls has spilled some beans about the upcoming season. In his statement to the “POPSUGAR”, he believes that they know what has to be showcased in the season, which would be beyond the expectations of the Originals.

Every Season is showcased as a semester to clear out the confusion. So that according to the audience forecasts, in the new season, the Girls would be in College. Eventually, there are speculations for Season 4 and 5 too.

After its premiere in September 2021, it is anticipated that the new show would be released by February 2023. This would be according to the previous schedules followed by HBO prior.

Ratings- Gossip Girl

The show got only 5.4 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

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Gossip Girl Season 3 – FAQs

Is Gossip Girl coming back to HBO Max?

Gossip Girl was renewed and also aired on the HBO Max platform until Season 2, and also the renewal for the third season will be given by HBO Max, by which we can say that Gossip Girl Season 3 will also be aired on the HBO Max platform only.

Where Can I Watch Gossip Girl Season 3 in 2023?

As of now, you can watch the Gossip Girl Season as well as Season 2 from within the HBO Max platform and if everything goes well, we might soon get to see HBO Max getting the third new season of Gossip Girl. However, we can just cross out fingers to see the new season air in 2023.

Where else can I watch Gossip Girl?

If you are not having access to HBO Max then don’t worry, the series has also been revealed on other popular streaming platforms which include Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Vudu.

Is Gossip Girl available on Netflix?

Netflix has reportedly got rid of the Gossip Girl franchise and after Netflix removed the show from its platform, the series got its new home for streaming on the HBO Max platform.

Will we see Blair coming to Gossip Girl?

As per a report, the character named Blair Waldor whose role was played by Leighton Meester is out of the series and will not be featured back in the show.

Will there be a Gossip Girl Season 4?

As of now, already there is no update about the third new season, so we would say that it’s too early to assume about the availability for Season 4.

Who was most loved in Gossip Girl?

The character named Blair Waldor was loved after his arrival on the show. If we go by reports, the person behind the role, Leighton Meester was among the most searched celebrities from the Gossip Girl franchise.

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