Gotye Net Worth: Earnings In 2022 Revealed!

Music plays a very vital role in every individual’s life, and it is the musicians that create masterpieces for us, because of them and their Music, it becomes easier for us to get motivation and inspiration. Gotye is that kind of Musician whose songs never fail to touch our hearts. Gotye is a Musician, songwriter, and singer. He is also known as Wally De Backer. His Birth Name is Wouter Andre De Backer. Go the was born on 21 May 1980 in Bruges, Belgium. He is a Belgian- Australian Songwriter and Singer. He can play various instruments like Drums, Guitar, and keyboard.

Gotye Net Worth

Gotye Net Worth

According to the sources his net worth is $10 million as of 2022. He is one of the most popular musicians and has a lot of fans around the world, his songs are incredible and have helped a lot of people in their hard phrases, the power his songs hold, and his songs are so magical. He gained a lot of fans after the release of “Somebody That I Used To Know and he is popular for releasing 3 studio albums. “Somebody That I Used To Know” got a lot of attention from the audience all over the over and it was a massive hit, Gotye gained recognition because of it. Gotye is one of the most loved artists and his songs are popular among listeners. Gotye is also a part of a band, called The Basics. Along with his band members he has released many hit albums and songs which made him one of the most popular artists. Gotye is not just a popular musician but he also has received a lot of awards and achievements, he won three Grammy awards because of his song “ Somebody That I Used To Know” in 2003, and the song is still considered a Masterpiece. Go the has made a lot of Masterpieces other than “Somebody That I Used To Know”, such as Eyes Wide Open, I Feel Better, Hearts a Mess, Coming Back, Ghosts, Save Me and many more are there.

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Gotye Early Life


Gotye was born in Bruges, Belgium, in the year 1980 but he moved to Australia with his family, after two years. He got to know about his interest at a very young age. He would practice music with his bandmates in school but after finishing school, the band also kind of disbanded. He studied at The University of Melbourne and got a degree of Bachelor of Arts. But the passion for Music was still running through his veins. He started his singing career in the year 2000. The Basics Debuted in 2003 with their Debut Album Get Back. Gotye debuted as a soloist in 2003 with his debut album BoardFace, the album included amazing songs like Out Here in the Cold, What Do You Want?, Loath To Refuse and many more, the album received a good response from the audience. After 3 years, in 2006, Gotye released his second studio album, called Like Drawing Blood. The album received a lot of support and love in Australia and also got voted as the Best Album Of The Year. The album also charted on the Australian Charts. Like Drawing Blood was officially released in the US in the year 2012. He received a lot of success from these albums but he became more popular globally after the release of “Somebody I Used To Know”. The Music video has more than 1 billion views on Youtube. Later, he made his record label known as Spirit Level. Gotye is also an actor as he has acted in movies and shows like Re-Living Off The Land and Spicks and Specks. Gotye is one of the most multi-talented musicians.

Gotye’s Personal Life

When fans love an artist wholeheartedly, they always support him/her no matter what but sometimes fans become very curious to know about their personal life. Fans are always curious to know the personal life of Gotye. Gotye was maintaining a long-term relationship with Tash Parker, who is also a musician but they broke up. There are not so many official statements regarding his personal life as sometimes time prefers to keep their personal life private. But we will keep you updated regarding every official statement or matter.

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