Green Lantern Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed?

Green Lantern season 2 is DC comics-based superhero movie that was launched in the year 2011. It has some of the biggest stars in it with Ryan Reynolds as the protagonist, Green Lantern. The show also had some amazing supporting casts with the likes of Black Lively Peter Sarsgaard. The movie was based on the script of Greg Berlanti and it was directed by Martin Campbell. The movie is about Hal Jordan, who manages to become the first member of the Green Lantern Corps. He acquires some amazing powers after he is handed over a ring. He is tasked to go against Parallax, and stop him from his evil plans.

The movie first began in 1997 but its progress remained stagnant until 2007 when Martin Campbell was hired in. The actual movie started being filmed in 2010. The film was converted into a 3D project during its post-production work.

The film was finally released in the year 2011, but it received very negative reviews from fans and critics. The film badly flopped at the box office and it was not even able to recover the production money.

Green Lantern Season 2 Release Date

Well, as mentioned above the film was not able to do well on the big screen and that is why the production house of the movie, that is, Warner bros canceled the possibility of any second movie of this series. It was not very well received by the viewers and that is why bringing it again will surely not create any type of hype from the movie. That is why the series has been canceled. So if you are one of the rare people who liked the movie there is no good news for you regarding the sequel of the movie.

However, you can never say anything with surety and so don’t loose your hope just yet.

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Green Lantern Season 2 Story

The movie tells us about the Guardians of the Universe who used the green essence of willpower to make a police force for the whole universe, known as the Green Lantern Corps. They then divide the universe into different sectors and assign one green lantern per sector.

Hal Jordan is a test pilot who works at Ferris Aircraft. He is chosen by the ring and is then transported to the crash site. At the crash site, he is appointed by Abin Sur, who is about to die, as his successor. He then takes the oath and becomes the next Green Lantern.

Many adventures then follow and we see the story of Hal Jordan becoming an amazing superhero. His main task is to defeat Parallax. We see how Hal hoes through some very extreme training sessions after which he feels very discouraged and even thinks of quitting. Then finally he quits and comes back to earth, however, he keeps the power of the ring with him.

We then see a scientist named Hector Hammond perform a postmortem on Abin Sur’s. However, during performing this a small part of the Parallax enters into him due to which he loses himself to the evil. He then also attempts to kill his father after he finds that he was chosen only because of his father’s influence and not his abilities.

I will leave it here as I don’t want to spoil the story for you. So if you want to give a try to the movie, then it is available on various streaming platforms.

Green Lantern Season 2

As mentioned earlier, the second movie has been canceled by Warner Bros. Pictures and we will not see another movie. Till then you can watch the first movie if you want.

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