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Gta 6 Release Date: Leaks, Confirmed Dates and Map!

Although Rockstar Games has previously stated that it is working on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, it’s the first moment we’ve heard any kind of information on what to anticipate. The trailer seems to confirm that the speculations about GTA VI including a male and female protagonist were true as well. The female character seems to be an convict. In addition to Vice City, Rockstar’s interpretation of Miami, we also see the Leonida wetlands and a joke about Florida Man.

While a following press statement from Rockstar Games announced that the game is expected to be arriving to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Series S in 2025, the GTA 6 teaser verifies many of the rumors that have been going around regarding the open-world game. Many PC gamers were disappointed to see that there was no information on the game’s release date or possibility for the platform.

Gta 6 Release Date

GTA 6: Details Known So Far

Officially slated for release in 2025, Grand Theft Auto 6 will return us to Vice City in the condition of Leonida. The officially released GTA 6 trailer 1, which was uploaded one day ahead of schedule due to the possibility of a leak, served as the source of the information. uploaded one day early because of the possibility of a leak.

Many of you are asking why the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 continues to take  so long. In all honesty, it’s not surprising that Rockstar is taking its time given the popularity of GTA 5 and GTA Online as well as the scale of Red Dead Redemption 2. When the production company announced that GTA 6 was under development, it acknowledged as much. Rockstar made a special effort to highlight “the legendary lifespan of GTA 5,” a game that has had several updates and rereleases over the last nine years.

All About the GTA 6 Leaks 

Later, Rockstar stated that it is “very sad to have any details of our upcoming game shared with you all in this way” after confirming the accuracy of the leaks. Development on the next Grand Theft Auto game will proceed as planned” in spite of the leak. You may read the entire statement below:

“We recently had a network breach wherein an unauthorized third party unlawfully gained access to and extracted sensitive data from our computers, including early prototype video for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto. At now, we do not foresee any interference with our live gaming services or any lasting impact on the advancement of our current projects,” stated Rockstar.

Ninety videos of allegedly early GTA 6 development footage surfaced in September 2022, giving us a glimpse of what the game would contain. The video appeared to confirm the addition of additional male and female characters and to show off some open-world gameplay before it was removed.

The disclosure of any information about our next game to you all in this manner saddens us much. We’re going to keep working on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game according to schedule, and we’re still fully dedicated to giving you, the gamers, an experience that goes above and beyond your expectations.

GTA 6’s Map Setting 

The teaser appears to have verified the rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 would take place in Vice City! We think, at least, that’s what the enormous “VICE” sign that appears halfway through signifies. And everything is in a really Florida setting. A video footage of an alligator at a store is also available.

Long-time fans have predicted that the area would still be bigger than Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V. Additionally, purported GTA leaker Tez2 has mentioned that a recent GTA+ poll questioned certain players if they would utilize a fast-travel option, which is probably being explored for GTA 6.

From Where Can We Pre-Order GTA 6 ? 

Rockstar has kept a lot of details under wraps until the game’s official reveal, therefore GTA 6 is not currently available for pre-order.

Based on previous releases, it is probable that pre-orders won’t launch until about six months before the game, even if websites like as Amazon, GAME, and others add replacement content in the intervening time.


Can we pre-order GTA 6?

As of currently, there is no official announcement about pre-ordering.

When is GTA 6 is coming ?

GTA 6 is expected to come in 2025.

Are the news of GTA 6 leaks true?

Yes, it was through a third party interface in the system. 

Is the trailer of GTA 6 released?

Yes, the trailer of GTA 6 has been released. 

Is there any female protagonist in the game?

Yes, through the disclosure it was confirmed that there was a female role too in the game. 


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