Gun Grave Season 2 Release Date: Is It Coming?

The anime Gun Grave is based on the widely popular video game series which bears the same name. There are debates over the topic of which one did a better job at portraying the franchise. However, no conclusion has been drawn as of yet. The plot follows the blood fueling passionate story of two brother-like friends and their thrilling journey of rising to the top of the crime syndicate.

The anime which portrays the potential journey of the main characters from being low-life laid-back thugs to a mafia boss filled with action, drama, melancholy, romance is an entertaining rollercoaster ride for the viewers. So, today, let’s discuss Gun Grave season 2 release date and other things related to the same.

Gun Grave Season 2 Release Date

Gun Grave
Gun Grave

The show as of yet has only one season within a total of about twenty-six episodes. The anime was released about two decades ago so it’s pretty safe to assume that there will be no second season for the anime since there has been no news regarding any kind of renewal of the series as of yet.

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Gun Grave Season 2 Story

Gun Grave
Gun Grave

The plot follows an action-packed story that deals with violence, brotherhood, friendship, and thrills. We get to follow the lives of two named Harry McDowell and Brandon Heat. These friends apparently share a brotherly bond and their trust in each other is like nothing else. The plot mainly revolves around these two and how they deal with different adversities and complications in their action-filled life. These two care for each other so much so that each is ready to put their life online for the other one. The story takes off by showing us the casual laid back life Harry and Brandon were apparently living. They didn’t care about consequences whatsoever.

We see them being local burglars or thieves just to make a bare minimum living. They didn’t even care how much they are making, all which mattered to them is the fun they were having the time they have been spending behind it, and nothing else. From approaching women in a seductive way to casual brawls in bars, that’s all they have been involved with without even considering what will happen to them in the future. However they never complained about the life they have been living as long as they were going tight side by side, all they wanted to to do is to have a simplistic (violent) lifestyle and they were happy just living this casual life but unfortunately for them that this happiness wasn’t for long. In a fateful event, it struck them out of the blue that happiness isn’t permanent the world they live in is filled with scorn and disdain and the suffering is an excruciating reality that can’t be avoided by any means. They realized that one can’t just always run from suffering and it will catch up one day or another. This grave reminder made a drastic impact on their lives so much so that they changed their way of life and moved on from their casual laid back life to a more complicated and serious mode of lifestyle where they even started considering what will happen in the future. These brothers like men who once didn’t even think about what will they do next started to think about the future.

In order to proceed forward with their life, they joined Millennium. Millennium is apparently the most brutal and immense organized crime syndicate in the area of Brandon and Harry. Both of them joined the syndicate as the bottom feeders and they now have to rise up through the rank of the chain that creates the backbone of the syndicate. Brandon and Harry joined the syndicate to chase and fulfill their own aspirations. Harry has the aspiration that one day he will become the leader of the crime syndicate and overthrow Big Daddy who currently controls the syndicate. On the other hand, Brandon just wants to be by Harry’s side and help him achieve his dream. Brandon also wants to come to terms with Big Daddy as he has Maria Asagi who was Brandon’s childhood sweetheart but due to complications related to his past, Brandon once rejected her for her own sake.

The story follows the journey of Brandon and Harry as they navigate through the complicated life of a syndicate filled with friendship, betrayal, action, etc.

Gun Grave Season 2 Characters

Gun Grave
Gun Grave

Brandon Heat- Tomokazu Seki, from Tokyo, Japan who is a Japanese voice actor also famous for his roles as Koro- Sensei in Assassination Classroom, Suneo Honekawa in the latest installments of the Doraemon franchise, Hidetora from the Beelzebub franchise, and many more also provides the Japanese voice for Brandon Heat in the Gun grave anime series.

Harry McDowell- The Japanese voice of Harry McDowell is provided by Kenji Hamada from Fukuoka, Japan. Recently he played the role of Ksaver Tom from Attack on Titan.

Gun Grave Season 2 Trailer

GunGrave season 2 has no official trailer or teaser of any sort available as of yet. Well, you can watch the whole series on Hulu for free.

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