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Hellbound Season 2 Release Date

We wholeheartedly suggest Hellbound, one of the most well-liked South Korean Netflix original series, if you enjoy dark fantasy television. After its November 2021 Netflix debut, viewers are eager to learn more about Hellbound season 2. As of 2023, fans of a series will be happy to hear some excellent news regarding the next edition.

We are aware that the second episode of the suspenseful series has officially started filming! To celebrate the big announcement, the Netflix Geeked account on Twitter posted a little video of the cast and crew members gathered around a table, getting ready for action. Naturally, the fact that this revelation verifies that filming is in progress is very good news for fans of the show.

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date

The release date for Hellbound season 2 is still unknown. We don’t think there’s any chance the new season will be finished in time for its 2023 premiere, given production will only be starting in August of 2023. However, we may probably anticipate it around 2024.

Netflix series usually release fresh seasons a year after they begin production. Though there have been a few outliers, generally speaking that is the case. Given that Hellbound is a very visual presentation, it can take a bit longer. Having stated that, we anticipate a summer or autumn 2024 release window. Naturally, we have no affiliation with Netflix, so heed this forecast with a pinch of humor.

Hellbound Season 2 Story 

The startling conclusion of Hellbound Season 1 featured Park Jung Ja’s bones mysteriously coming together, obliquely hinting to a momentous occasion. Witnesses saw Song So Hyun’s infant survive after his parents killed themselves, defying an edict, casting doubt on the New Truth’s teaching. The apparent resuscitation of other decree beneficiaries, such as Jung Jin Soo, the former chairman of the New Truth, raises doubts regarding the New Truth. Will a new gospel result from his resurrection?

Once sentenced to Hell, offenders may rise again, bringing turmoil and difficulty for the rest of the world to understand these obviously divine activities.

According to the show’s creator, after covering webtoons in the first season, webtoons will be used to tell plot developments going forward. Since Season 1 just debuted, it’s unclear if they will be turned into a live-action series until talks with Netflix are completed.

Hellbound Season 2 may include additional secrets, examine the fallout from resurrections, and keep fans guessing. A fascinating and provocative continuation of this gripping horror K-drama awaits you.

Hellbound Season 1 Recap 

The first scene of Hellbound shows a very anxious man sitting at a café. A roar becomes audible at 1:20 pm on the timepiece. When three enormous otherworldly creatures show around, they tear the man to pieces and toss him around, turning him into ashes. The Chairman of “The New Truth,” Jung Jinsu, asserts in the media that God wants the Earth to be a virtuous place, thus angels are sent here to punish the sinners. The whole city is in dismay.

While “The New Truth” views this as divine vengeance, police investigator Jin Kyeong-hoon and his colleague Eunpyo are treating the case as a murder investigation. The group known as “The Arrowhead” adheres to a similar ideology; its members are impressionable but disillusioned young people who are not beyond using physical force to further their cause.

Detectives show up at the scene of the crime. When Detective Jin tracks down a group of volunteers for The New Truth, Chairman Jung explains that the victim was damned to serve justice since he was accused with several charges of violence and fraud. God chastised him because of his transgression.

The authorities find out after conducting an inquiry that these demons left no proof behind. The body’s chemical examination reveals an unknown material in place of any organic components. Jin notices Heejung, his teenage daughter, assisting Jung during the gathering. Jin becomes enraged and tells her daughter to go. As he takes the investigators on a public transportation ride and recounts to them his previous life and modest upbringing, Jung extends an invitation to stroll with him.

Cast of Hellbound Season 2 

The Cast of Hellbound Season 2 is mentioned here and they are as follows-

  1. Kim Hyun Joo
  2. Kim Sung Cheol 
  3. Kim Shin Rok 
  4. Yang Dong Geun 
  5. Yang Ik Jun 
  6. Lee Re
  7. Im Sung Jae 
  8. Lee Dong Hee

Where to Watch Hellbound Season 2 

Like the previous season, Hellbound’s second season will only be available globally on Netflix as it is an original production.


Where Hellbound Season 2 will be available?

It shall be available on Netflix. 

Is Hellbound Season 2 confirmed?

Yes, season 2 is coming soon on Netflix.

What is the expected release date for season 2?

Season 2 is expected to release in 2024.

What is the genre of Hellbound ?

Hellbound is a Korean dark fantasy television series.

How many episodes in Hellbound Season 1 ?

There are total 6 episodes in season 1. 


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