Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed?

Talking about another anime, Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 is one of the most dissatisfying anime you will have ever experienced in your life. Seriously, anime or any movie is mainly judged by its story and quality of characters, and sequencing. And this anime was, unfortunately, a failure to show the dark and horror theme of the story.

One of the most prevalent facts behind the failure of the series was also being unable to show the story and the characters of the manga from which it was inspired, and quite opposite of it, the manga had topmost sellings among all its counterparts, which also was kind of a shock for the readers who came for watching its anime version. It can be clearly seen that the creators wanted it to be a dark fantasy based on adventurous and horror anime but it turned out to be a violent disaster for the viewers watching it.

Overall, this anime can’t be really considered as a fulfilling feast, even a bit of the expectation of the viewers. The people who are new to the anime world or want a glance of it can approach here but honestly speaking, don’t waste much of your time on it.

Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Release Date

This anime was aired on Fuji Television from October 10, 2001, to January 16, 2002, and was produced by Gozo studio. It had a run of a total of thirteen episodes and all were truly dissatisfying. Even after such criticism, the production house got from the majority of the viewers, some of them are still expecting that the production house will release its second season which will be much better and appreciable and will surely be successful to diminish the bad image of the previous season of the series. It is expected that the second season of the anime will be released in the last trimester of 2022.

Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Story

The story of the Anime series revolves around the sir Integra fair brook wingmates Hellsing and her trusted colleagues and friends, Walter C Dornez and Alucard. After her father’s demise in front of her, she swears to take revenge from the killers by killing them, and also to never stop until she has accomplished her target. She is a member of protestant knights which is led by Abraham van Hellsing but after he comes into the battle, he was picked up by his daughter Integra. Walter is a fierce warrior and a family Buttler who decides to help her to take revenge on their leader and after that, they are joined by Alucard who is their faithful demon. And from there, the story continues with many adventures.

Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Characters

Alucard is called an anti-hero in the series and is one of the strongest vampires across the whole empire. He had a past of being extremely rough and hostile but is now very loyal and devoted to the head of the Hellsing family after being defeated at the hands of Van Helsing about a century before. He kills his victims violently till they are completely unable to react to his attacks. This habit puts him in a lot of trouble and he is so strong, that rarely any enemy of him can defeat him. His prowess takes care of saving him from the clutches of his enemies. He is really tired of his immortality and wishes to be killed by any powerful human.

Seras Victoria voiced by Fumiko Horikawa is a policeman and a member of the d 11 force and was transformed into a vampire by Alucard. This was done for her betterment, as due to this, she may get killed soon. She had a lot of arguments with Alucard about him being so violent.

Integra Hellsing is a noblewoman who takeovers the reigns of the ‘ Royal order of protestant knights ‘ just after the murder of her father in front of her. She had a past of being extremely reserved and shy, but later was transformed into a warrior and a respectful leader, to take revenge for her father’s murder. With the help of Walter and Alucard, she takes on the inhumane mission of bringing down “ the millennium “, a cult of the Nazi army.

Walter C Dornez ii’s a protector and head of Hellsing family who is also Buttler of the family and a great warrior and is called by many as ‘ angel of death ‘ due to his prowess with monomolecular tubes. He fought for Hellsing’s family since he was a kid and again enters on the side of Integra to take revenge for his father’s demise.

Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Trailer

The status of the trailer is the same as the status of the announcement of its second season, but the viewers of the anime are hoping that the trailer is released in the future, will be much better than the trailer of the previous season, and will have more sequenced scenes, different characters with amazing superpowers and will be able to diminish the bad reputation of the previous season.

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