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Hero Mask Season 3 Release Date

Netflix produces the Japanese action anime television series Hero Mask as part of its Original Net Animation (ONA) lineup. Hero Mask’s first season, which was animated by renowned Japanese studio Pierrot, debuted on December 3, 2018. Despite being a newcomer to the anime landscape, it garnered respectable ratings and established a following of its own. Hero Mask will return for a second season, Pierrot said on the official Hero Mask website on July 23, 2019, six months after the first season’s release. In August 2019, Hero Mask season 2 officially debuted on Netflix. Ever since, fans have been curious as to whether Hero Mask would receive a third-season renewal. Here is all we currently know about it.

Hero Mask Season 3 Release Date

On August 23, 2019, Hero Mask’s second season debuted on Netflix. Like the majority of Netflix series, all nine episodes were published simultaneously. Fans of anime were pleased with both the first and second seasons.

We have some unfortunate news for fans about the upcoming season. Even though the program is quite popular, its initial plan was for two seasons of animation. Additionally, since the anime is not based on a manga, if the creators choose to move on, they will need to create a new original tale. The good news is that Studio Pierrot has officially announced that they will be collaborating with Netflix to produce related series going forward.  In any event, we will update this area if we learn anything regarding a new program or even the release date for Hero Mask season 3.

Story of Hero Mask Season 3

In a fictitious London, the drama centers on James Blood, a young, passionate police officer who serves in the Capital Police Department’s elite Special Service of Crime (SSC) section. Even though James has a complicated life, things take an odd turn when Sarah Sinclair, a lawyer, watches her boss, Crown Prosecutor Monica Campbell, mysteriously pass away while looking into a well-known case involving LIVE Corporation.

An opponent that James had long since assumed was dead attacks the police station where he works shortly after the death of Crown Prosecutor Campbell. James, who has no understanding of what is happening, partners up with Sarah in an attempt to identify the people responsible for the odd happenings. This turns out to be far from simple, though, as James and Sarah’s investigation into the truth leads them on a surreal trip where they become entangled in a plot involving LIVE Corporation, escaped inmates who are thought to be dead, and masks that bestow magical powers on their wearers.

Recap of Hero Mask Season 2

The last few episodes of Hero Mask will, for the time being, feature the narrative of Officer James Blood and his investigation into the corporate scheme that is using superpowered masks to bring dead ex-convicts back to life. Hero Mask looks to be receiving just two seasons for the time being, unless, of course, Studio Pierrot thinks that the timing is perfect for a follow-up series dubbed Hero Mask II: James Bloodier or something similar.

Characters of Hero Mask Season 3

The characters of Hero Mask Season 3 are as mentioned here- 

  1. James Blood
  2. Sarah Sinclair 
  3. Lennox Gallagher 
  4. Edmond Chandler 
  5. Harry Creighton 
  6. Anna Winehouse 
  7. Geffrey Connor 
  8. Fred Faraday
  9. Monica Campbell 

Where to Watch Hero Mask Season 3

There has been no confirmed information regarding the release of Hero Mask Season 3. However, it is expected that if the anime show releases, it is might possible that it will be available on the same platform where the other seasons were also available, Netflix


Is the Season 3 of Hero Mask coming? 

There has been no confirmation regarding this. 

Is the trailer of Hero Mask Season 3 released?

No, there are no trailer releases for Hero Mask Season 3.

Where will Hero Mask Season 3 be released?

If Season 3 comes, it shall be released on Netflix. 

How many total episodes are there in Hero Mask? 

There are a total of 15 episodes in Season 1 and 9 episodes in Season 2. 

What are the main characters in Hero Mask?

The main characters are- James Blood, Sarah Sinclair, Lennox Gallagher, and Edmond Chandler. 


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