Hero Mask Season 3: Release Date Characters Plot

Hero Mask’s second season premieres in its entirety on Aug. 23 – but what viewers may not be anticipating is that this is also the series’ conclusion. The team behind Hero Mask may work with Netflix again in the future, either to tell new stories or possibly to create a Hero Mask sequel series following Officer James Blood’s adventures if he can capital solve the conspiracy that drives Hero Mask’s first two seasons.

According to Mikio Ono, Hero Mask’s producer, the show was planned to be told over 24 episodes in two seasons. Despite its size, the endeavor is not unique to Studio Pierrot, which is known for producing such popular franchises as Bleach, which has over 300 episodes, and Naruto: Shippuden, which has exactly 500 episodes.

Update for Hero Mask Season 3: What is it?

The next season of Hero Mask could be released on Netflix by Fall 2020 if it is renewed. Further updates will be provided as they become available.

Hero Mask Season 3 Release Date?

Hero Mask is not based on the manga series, and the animated series originally spanned two seasons. If Season 3 happens, creators will need to come up with a totally original plot.Streaming platforms, such as Netflix in this case, are the ones who decide whether to renew a show. The renewal of Season 3 has not been confirmed up to now. Netflix might decide to continue the show considering the popularity of it. The latest developments will be kept in the loop.

What is the Hero Mask Plot?

Hero Mask Season 3 Release Date

A supernatural element and action crime are present in Hero Mask. A fictional version of London is the setting for the series, and its main protagonists are William and Emily. James Blood is a hot-blooded police officer with the Special Service of Crime (SSC) division that falls under the Capitol Police Department’s jurisdiction.

James’ life has always been out of the ordinary, but after learning of the death of Superior Crown Prosecutor Monica Campbell, investigating a high-profile case involving the LIVE Corporation, things take an unexpected turn.

As if this were not enough, James was in for more surprises. James’ old enemy who is thought to be dead was attacking the police station where he works. Crown Prosecutor Campbell died shortly after this attack occurred.
James didn’t understand the causes of such upheaval nor the people behind it. Together, he and Sarah, the protagonist of our story, try to uncover the perpetrators of the strange events.

Despite this, the path to Truth is never smooth. They become involved with a conspiracy involving the Live Corporation in the course of uncovering the truth.
They have taken to wearing certain masks, which give their wearers supernatural abilities, as evidence that they have escaped from jail. More intriguing events will unfold if the show is renewed.

Who is the main character in Hero Mask?

The series features James Blood as the main protagonist. A passionate young officer, he works in the elite division of the Capital Police Department’s SSC. The police station he works in is attacked by his arch-nemesis Grimm, literally ‘rising from the ashes’. In search of the Truth, he teams up with Sarah.

Hero Mask Season 3 Release Date
Hero Mask Season 3 Release Date

It features a lead female protagonist named Sarah Sinclair. Currently, Monica Campbell supervises her as an Assistant Attorney. Besides investigating the high-profile LIVE Corporation case alongside Monica, she witnessed her death. Several crucial details about the case are revealed before Monica dies. She teams up with James to unearth the massive controversy involving the LIVE Corporation and the super-powered villain.

Theo Lowe is one of the most important supporting characters of the series. He is a criminal who took multiple medics hostage at the hospital itself so that her daughter’s heart transplant is done with. His plan gets failed, and he is presumed to be dead. However, he does survive and gets used as a test subject in experiments involving the mysterious masks which give superpowers to their wearers. Theo manages to escape from the experiments and searches for his estranged family throughout the show.

Other main characters of the show include Edmond Chandler, the technical specialist, and sergeant in SSC, and Harry Creighton, who is a former police detective and presently works as a mercenary in the LIVE Corporation. He is entrusted with the task of hunting down the super-powered masked individuals scattered around London.

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