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Hi Score Girl Season 3 Release Date And Spoilers!

Hi Score Girl is a Japanese anime series directed by Yoshiki Yamakawa and written by Tatsuhiko Urahata. The music of this anime was given by Yoko Shimomura. The genre of the show is romantic comedy. The story of this anime revolved around the life of Haruo Yaguchi who is a gamer and his romantic interest, Akira Ono. This show was praised due to its unique style, better animation, gaming software, hardware, and even the cultures which the show featured. The anime version of the show aired on television from July to September 2018. The second season of the show aired from October to December 2019. The show is quite popular among youths today. Here’s what we know about Hi Score Girl Season 3 Release Date.

The anime was adapted by Netflix in English due to its popularity among all the otakus in the world. So, the third season of the show is very anticipated and here are all the details you should know.

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 of this anime ended with a twist and fans are excited to see what happens next. Here, we will tell you everything about the show and the release date of season 3. So, keep reading till the last. The makers of the show have not officially announced season 3 of the show but it is expected that we will not get to watch season 3 of this popular anime series. The reason for this is that season 2 of the show already covered all the source material of the manga version. However, there is still more. In the year 2019, Mangaka began a spin-off of the show.

Hi Score Girl Season 1 Release Date14 July 2018
Hi Score Girl Season 2 Release DateApril 9, 2020
Hi Score Girl Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

While we consider the popularity of anime, anime is 69.4% popular and it also has received an IMDB rating of 8.0. When the first two seasons of the show were released, the show did not gain that much popularity, But when the anime was adapted by Netflix in English, the show gained enormous popularity. So, if we consider the popularity of the show, the anime could return with a spin-off or something like that.

Is There Enough Source Material?

The manga that is adapted by the anime was written and published by Rensuke Okikiri. The manga was published between 2010 to 2018. Well, now there will be no more chapters for manga as it has been discontinued by the publishers. It has a total of 63 chapters and 10 volumes.

So, to sum up, the first season of the anime covered the first four volumes of the manga and then the second season covered the other six volumes of the manga. This way all the volumes of manga released so far has been covered by the anime so there is no storyline left.

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Hi Score Girl Season 3 Characters

Hi Score Girl Season 3

Since this is a work of animation we don’t have any cast here, However, we have animated characters and voice artists who gave their voices to these animated characters. Haruo Yaguchi is a boy who is not attractive, not good in academics, and neither he is an athlete. The only thing he is insanely good at is gaming. He had an encounter with Akira Ono while playing a game. He considers her his rival. Akira Ono is another character who meets Haruo while playing Street Fighter II. She is the daughter of Ono Zaibatsu and she is rich, popular, and multi-talented, unlike Haruo. She faces a lot of restrictions at her home and to avoid this she plays and shows her talent there. She does not like to speak much but made a great bond with Haruo. Both characters were voiced by Kohei Amasaki and Sayumi Suzushiro respectively.

The other characters of the show include Koharu Hidaka, Kotaro Miyao, Genta Doi, Moemi Goda, and many more.

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Story

The show is set in 1991 when people are crazy about arcade video games. Haruo Yaguchi wants to follow this path as he is living his life in dismay. He earned a lot of confidence and pride in the world of games but lost it when Akira defeated him very easily in Street Fighter 2. On the other hand, Akira is rich, beautiful, and multi-talented. The romantic relationship between them develops gradually.

The story of this spin-off takes place in the future and revolves around Koharu Hidaka, a 30-year-old teacher. Fans should not be surprised if Rensuke Oshikiri picks up the pen and write the last story of this manga version. However, the possibility of season 3 of this anime is very low as the main story is over. There is nothing left to conclude in the third season unless the makers decide something to do with the spin-off of the anime.

In case makers decided to go forward with the third season of the show, it is expected that the plot of the show will revolve around Hidaka who will be discovering herself. We might get to know what happens to HaruOno in the future. The previous season ended with a statement that concludes there were on a new adventure again. So, we would like to see what happens to them.

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Trailer

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Characters

Since the makers have not renewed season 3 of the show, there is no trailer or teaser of season 3 available on YouTube. However, there is the trailer of season 1 on YouTube. If you want to you can watch the trailer of the show, just click on the link given above. You will be able to watch the trailer. In case you liked the trailer and wish to watch the full anime, for your reference it is available on Netflix for premium users. You can watch the show there. Let us know what you think of the show and about the third season of this anime in the comment box.

Where To Watch Hi Score Girl Online?

If you are also an anime lover and you want to know where you can watch Hi Score Girl anime online, then here’s your answer. You can watch the English dub of the anime on Netflix. You just have to purchase a subscription to the streaming giant and enjoy your favorite animes.

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