High Fidelity Season 2 Release Date Cancelled!

The Tv series High Fidelity was a huge success. The audience loved the series a lot, the review is also quite pleasing. The rom-com started streaming on Hulu on 14th February 2020. The series is based on a novel under the same name by Nick Hornby. This is an American TV series. The drama winning the hearts of millions is rated 7.7 by IMDb. The series won two awards and also went for nominations. 

After the successful season 1, fans are anticipated about its renewal. Now the question is, will the series premiere a new season? Will Hulu stream season 2?

Find out below. Keep reading! 

High Fidelity Season 2 Release Date

I regret to inform you that I have come bearing bad news and so I apologize for before. I am sorry to let you down, guys. As far as our sources confirmed Hulu has canceled the new season. So yeah, the series will have only one season. The reason is yet unknown but the news is confirmed. It’s even unclear whether any other network will pick up the show left unfinished by Hulu.

One of the star actors bided a goodbye, and thus it further confirmed the news is unfortunately true. The first season gave high hopes for a comeback as it left the viewers with a cliffhanger. There was a bit to explore but sorry folks, this journey is true, “the end”!

A few new faces were to be expected in the new season. But there’s no point in discussing that or the plot, right? Let’s move on. I will share the story of the first season. Go watch it after viewing the trailer attached above. 

High Fidelity Season 1 Story 

High Fidelity Season 2 Release Date
High Fidelity

As I have already mentioned the series is adapted from the 1955 novel. It has 10 episodes each running for approximately 30 mins. Distributed by Disney Platform distribution, it is streamed by Hulu. If you love pop culture, this one’s just for you.

The story tells us about a fan who is obsessed with pop culture and runs a record store in her hometown. She is a huge fan of the ‘top five list’. She runs her store in Brooklyn. The name of the owner is Rob. You will also get to see her confrontation about her past failed relationships. This is a must-watch series for all. The music is diverse and will shake you to the core.

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Although for the first few episodes you may wonder what is going on. But slowly once you get into it, you will not be able to simply let go of the series then. According to many critics, the casting is perfect and the remake is a hit. So, go on folks, give this one a watch. 

High Fidelity Season 1 Where To Watch?

The show was originally networked by Hulu. You can stream the show there. You can even watch it on Starz Play for free. It’s also available on Amazon Prime Videos but you have to rent. 

High Fidelity Season 1 Cast

 High Fidelity Season 2 Release Date
High Fidelity

You will get to see; Jake Lacy, Zoe Kravitz, and Da’Vine Joy Randolph.

That’s all for now folks! Go and watch the series and let us know how you felt. Until then, Adios!!

Happy Watch! 

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