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Hisoka Vs Chrollo: Who Is Better? Who Wins?

Chrollo vs. Hisoka is one of Hunter X Hunter’s most intense encounters, but who won? Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho, also created the shonen fantasy manga Hunter X Hunter, which was made into not one, but two anime series. When Gon, a little boy, wishes to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Hunter like his father, the story follows him on his mission to discover forgotten treasures, explore the uncharted areas, and apprehend evildoers, just like his father.

To become a Hunter, Gon must pass a series of severe examinations. Gon meets Hisoka Morrow, a fellow examinee and one of the main villains while taking the exam. Hisoka is a cruel, self-serving character who is an unrepentant murderer with a high murder count. Hisoka, on the other hand, does not fight just anyone; he seeks out formidable opponents who he believes are worthy of his attention.

Throughout the series, he longs to confront the Phantom Troupe’s strong commander, Chrollo Lucifer, and the two form an odd bond on Hunter X Hunter as well. Hisoka decided to join the Phantom Troupe after finding that Chrollo could no longer use Nen (the power system in Hunter X Hunter that grants characters their special abilities) and thus was no longer a worthy opponent. Chrollo’s abilities can be regained, allowing Hisoka to face the leader for the first time.

Chapter 351 of Hunter X Hunter begins a multi-chapter conflict between Hisoka and Chrollo, who agree to a fight to the death. Chrollo quickly obtains an advantage by cloning audience members and using them as puppets to fight Hisoka, who employs every technique at his disposal in the face of such high stakes. Chrollo ordered his army of puppets to charge at Hisoka and self-destruct to conclude their epic Hunter vs. Hunter combat. The resulting explosion killed Hisoka, leaving Chrollo victorious.

He wasn’t done with Hunter X Hunter after Chrollo was dead. While still asleep, Hisoka regained consciousness and promised to eliminate all Phantom Troupe subordinates in order to weaken and beat Chrollo once more. While Kortopi and Shalnark have been dead, fans of the Hunter X Hunter manga, which is now on another of its infamous hiatuses, may have to wait a bit longer for Hisoka’s vindictive intentions.

Hisoka’s Personality


Magician or clown? In Hunter x Hunter, Hisoka’s behavior suggests either possibility. He is a tall man with a fair complexion and a strong build. Throughout the plot arc, he wears several suit insignia on the front and back of his body, and he changes his costume frequently. He has face paint portraying stars and teardrops from the 2011 anime on both his right and left cheeks; the color of his face paint changes from time to time, exactly like his attire. Hisoka wears the Greed Island Ring on his left middle finger during the Greed Island arc. Hisoka wears a lovely pair of heart-shaped earrings in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election plot. Hisoka’s nails are strangely long and pointed, giving his hands a claw-like appearance and hinting at his demonic nature.

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Hisoka Vs Chrollo


His eyes are grey, and he has black hair. Chrollo is an impressionable young man. Two of his most recognizable features are an orb-shaped earring set and a cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead. He normally wears a dark purple coat with white fur on the collar and wrists to show off his powerful body. The garment has a gold St. Peter’s Cross-stitched into the back.

Chrollo didn’t have his signature coat or backcombed hair before joining the Phantom Troupe. When he approached Neon Nostrade to acquire her Nen talent, he disguised himself with a blue jacket, naturally flowing hair, and thick layers of wrappings covering his tattooed cross. In the 1999 anime adaption, the location of his spider tattoo on his right arm remains a mystery.

Despite the Troupe’s turbulent personalities, Chrollo maintains a cool, collected manner when under duress. Chrollo, despite being a skilled tactician, is also supremely confident in his and the Spider’s other members’ fighting ability. Hisoka found it tough to combat him because he was always surrounded by at least two other individuals. Chrollo makes a handsome profit by reselling everything he’s accumulated over the years. Chrollo, tradition has it, is a devotee of ancient literature.

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