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Marvel’s Hit Monkey Season 2 Release Date Updates

Hit Monkey Official Trailer Season one

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey, or just Hit-Monkey, is an English adult anime streaming TV show adapted on the Marvel Comics lead character, produced by Will Speck and Josh Gordon for the streaming site Hulu. Marvel Studios is behind the show, while Gordon, as well as Speck, is the show’s creator. In February 2019, Hulu officially confirmed and approved Hit-Monkey as part of the series based on Marvel characters that would lead to a crossover special named The Offenders, which would be produced by Marvel Television. When Marvel Television was incorporated into Marvel Studios in December 2019, the series’ management was transferred to that corporation. The series received mostly excellent reviews from critics, who praised the strong voice acting, action sequences, plotline, and fidelity to the comics’ source material. Now know here Hit Monkey Season 2 release date, characters, and story.

Hit Monkey Season 2 Release Date

The series’ makers and official streaming providers have yet to make an official announcement for the second season of Hit Monkey. We don’t know if the sitcom will be extended for a second season or canceled. The first season contained 10 episodes and was launched concurrently on November 17, 2021; we can expect the same or more in the second season. The animation did fairly well, with an IMDB rating of 8.1/10 and a 73 percent on rotten tomatoes, and the odds of continuation are really quite significant. We may predict the show to launch anytime in 2022 or later in 2023 if it is renewed.

The show’s unadulterated violence is one of the reasons for its success. Even though it was a Marvel show, it didn’t hesitate to show some violent scenes within several episodes. This program is reminiscent of another popular character, Deadpool. Following the Fox Marvel contract, fans are excitedly anticipating the return of their favorite character to the big screen. The hit monkey and the Deadpool have a lot of differences. Although they have one thing in common: they are both marvel characters who display violence in the most efficient way possible.

Even though the series is animation, the brutality is enough to attract viewers to watch it and leave them craving more. There has been no statement about the show’s comeback as of yet.

Hit Monkey Season 1 Release Date17 November 2021
Hit Monkey Season 1 End Date17 November 2021
Hit Monkey Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

Hit Monkey Season 2 Expected Story

Hit Monkey Season 2 Release Date
Hit Monkey Season 2

Season one of Hit-Monkey had viewers having crossed their fingers to find out who would be the next villain. This was explained in the last episode, and the wait was well worth it. Many fans are expecting another season to provide answers to the unanswered questions while still maintaining the same level of intensity and dramatic plot as in the first. The show’s producer may have hinted that Campbell will play a more prominent part in the second season than he did in the first. He’ll have far bigger roles than the little character he played in season one.

Hit Monkey Season 1 Story

The series follows an American assassin who is dispatched to Tokyo on a hit mission to assassinate a prime ministerial candidate. After being double-crossed, he seeks sanctuary in an area where only macaques live. He is cared for by the macaques, who nurture him back to health. When the people who double-crossed him arrive, it’s carnage, with all but one macaque being decimated. Later, he goes on a murdering spree to avenge himself, with the help of Bryce, the assassin.

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Hit Monkey Season 2 Characters

Hit Monkey Season 2
Hit Monkey Season 2

Although no official confirmation of the second season cast has been announced, we can expect the whole first season cast to return. Guess it depends on how the narrative arc develops, viewers could also expect some new characters to appear in the series. Hit-Monkey will be played by Fred Tatasciore, Bryce will be played by Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso), Olivia Munn will voice Akiko, and Shinji Yokohama will be played by George Takei. Ally Maki is played by Haruka (Monster Musume), Ito is voiced by Nobi Nakanishi, Police Captain is voiced by Feodor Chin, and Mrs. Takahara is played by Jeanne Sakata.

Where to Watch Hit Monkey Season 2?

On November 17, 2021, Hulu launched Hit-Monkey. Hulu Has the series available to watch. The creators of the show have still yet to announce the second season. However, whenever the second season is officially confirmed, it will be accessible to view on the same platform as the first season.

Hit Monkey Season 2 Trailer

Hulu has yet to release the trailer for Hit-Monkey’s second season. The first season’s trailer, though, was posted on October 18th, and anyone may see it on Hulu or YouTube.

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