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Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed?

Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 has been in the works for three years, but there has been no news on it. Their reactions at the end of the series made them cry. This is a show that most people will enjoy if they like light-hearted dramas. In fact, it might seem like a pretty ordinary action-adventure game to fans of the genre. After running for three seasons, the show has developed a fan base that now wants a sequel.
A Japanese romance drama anime series called Hitoriji me Maihīrō, Hitoriji me My Hero is based in Tokyo.

In order to produce the anime, Encourage Films adapted the manga of the same name. 12 episodes were aired from July 8 to September 23, 2017. There has been a lot of anticipation for the show’s second season since then. Do you think it will ever happen? Continue reading to learn more.
It was the beginning of the year 2012 when Memeco Arii began serializing his manga series Hitorijime My Hero. The manga series continues to run, with ten volumes published so far. The initial two volumes of the series have only been adapted for the first season. As such, the eight volumes have content for the creators to adapt. Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 can be made with enough of it. Based on the existing source material, they could also make its third season.

Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Release Date

There was a lot of praise for the romance drama’s first season among viewers. Their enthusiasm for this show is endless, and they want more after it ended. Even more frustrating than the hiatus is the silence of the creators about the future of the anime. Since the creators haven’t responded to their fans yet, they are quite disappointed.
We are eagerly awaiting the announcement of Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 from the production company or makers. The creators have not yet decided whether to renew the contract or cancel it. Neither they nor anyone else is revealing any new information about it. Therefore, its future is still uncertain.

It was praised by critics and enjoyed by viewers. The viewership and ratings of the show were also excellent. On MyAnimeList, it is rated 7.40 out of 10. Consequently, this series’ performance won’t be a problem for its renewal. Despite its popularity, the show’s sequel is in high demand. Furthermore, they have access to enough sources. Hence, the chances are high that Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 will soon be released. The sequel is likely to be announced this year by the makers or the production company.

Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Story

The fact that Masahiro Setagawa has been getting into trouble because of his belief that heroes do not exist is what has made him stop believing in heroes. Despite his gang ties, he is bullied and treated like a gopher boy often. Kousuke Ooshiba, also known as the “Bear Killer,” helps him inadvertently save him soon after. Kensuke Ooshiba’s older brother happens to be Kensuke’s current homeroom teacher.

Masahiro has now claimed Kousuke as his “underling” and promised to protect him, but both men appear to have much more in common. On the other hand, Kensuke reunites with an old friend, Asaya Hasekura, a popular young man who declares his love for Kensuke, giving Kensuke a sense of confusion and dread.

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Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Characters

Masahiro Setagawa

Audio produced by: Toshiki Masuda (English); Austin Tindle (Japanese). An ungrateful delinquent who used to be looking for a home. Due to his mother’s lack of interest, he is very adept at cooking and doing housework as well. He seems to have a lot of knowledge about small animals. Kensuke still refers to him as Ooshiba even though his family name is the same as his (as they are brothers). The original color of his hair was bright orange, but he dyed it blonde.

Kousuke Ooshiba
The voices of Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese) and David Matranga (English), Educating high school students in mathematics. The delinquents in his neighborhood fear him as a “Bear Killer”. Masahiro was very fond of him and he often meddled in his life.

Kensuke Ooshiba

The voices are Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese); Alejandro Saab (English). Masahiro has been Kousuke’s best friend since junior high school. The Ooshiba’s house is the place where he typically plays and eats with his friends. The two were childhood friends before becoming boyfriends. Kensuke calls Asaya Big Sister even though they are sisters, and refers to her with the family name Hasekura.

Asaya Hasekura

Translated by: Shinnosuke Tachibana (Japanese); Daman Mills (English), One of the most popular students among his classmates because of his handsome appearance. His appetite is large, and he eats very quickly. Despite pursuing Kensuke a great deal, he is very possessive towards the boy.

Hitorijime My Hero Season 2 Trailer

Earlier this year, a teaser trailer was released for the second season. Teaser videos have been trending for quite some time, and now they’re bringing us some new information about Ultraman.
The teaser indicates that the fans will be introduced to the 7.0 suit in the second season. An important aspect of the suit ties into the final episode of season 1.

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