Holiday Secrets Season 2 Release Date Updates

A German Drama series that was released in the year 2019, stars the infamous German actors and actresses including Corinna Harfouch, Christiane Paul, and Svenja Jung. The drama series has until now a total of one season with 3 episodes within it. Thus, this series is termed to be a min series and has a running time of 34-42 minutes. The production is originally from Netflix Studios, Sommerhaus Film production, and Proton Cinema, The Netflix is the sole distributor and had its original release on 20th November 2019. The three episodes were named Welcome Home, Sonja’s Secret, and Eva’s Secret. The series currently has an IMDb rating of 6.5 out of 10 and has a 5.7 out of 10 from Film Affinity. 

Holiday Secrets Season 2 Release Date

Holiday Secrets Season 2 Release Date
Holiday Secrets Season 2

Holiday Secrets Season 2 was one of the most anticipated family dramas during its time of release and had a lot of unsaid discussion t unfold. Topics range from Dementia to many others. This limited series which is all like sentimental emotional and intimate was released on 20th November 2019. However, after being a limited series, the return of a season 2 was highly doubted. However, season 2 of this series was desirable and was anticipated. Well, we have a piece of good news coming season 2 of this limited series that is about to hit back your screens. The second part of the series is anticipated to get released on the 16th of November, 2022. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Holiday Secrets Season 1 Release Date20 November 2019
Holiday Secrets Season 2 Release Date16 November 2022
Holiday Secrets Season 2 Release Date

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Holiday Secrets Season 2 Story

The story of this series is about the gathering of a family, ranging in three generations and all of them arriving at one place. The series has an elaborate narrative to render which is split across three episodes. The focus of the plotline of this series is upon the mothers and daughters and their struggles with the past, emotions expectations, and feelings. Now, all secrets are revealed as the gathering is held and how they deal and cope with their set of baggage shall only be known once you watch the streaming episodes.

Holiday Secrets Season 2 Cast

Holiday Secrets Season 2 Release Date
Holiday Secrets Season 2

The cast of the Series has several stars however we are here to tell you the three main characters the series consists of. 

Corinna Harfouch who plays the role of Eva 

Corinna was born on 16th October 1954, she hails from Suhi, East Germany, and now is from Thuringia, Germany. She is a well-known actress and has studied acting in Berlin. An ex-member of the jury at the 44th Berlin International Film Festival, she has been seen in numerous works like Lara, Fack Ju Gone 3, and others.

Christiane Paul who plays the role of Sonja

Born on 8th March 1974, she is well known as a German film, theatre, and television actress. She hails from Berlin-Pankow East Germany and has completed her education at the Humboldt Institute of Berlin. She is married twice and has two children. She has several works to her credit being Unterm Radar, Paranoid, and others.

Svenja Jung who plays the role of Vivi

Born on May 28th, 1993, Svenja hails from Weroth Rhineland Palatinate, Germany. She has completed her education at Fachhochschule Potsdam and works as a well-known actress. She has been seen in the Dark series and also has been seen in works like Der Plast, fly, etc.

Holiday Secrets Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer of the Holiday Secrets Season 1 was released on 06th November 2019 on Netflix’s official YouTube channel. With the second season having a release date of 16th November 2022, Netflix’s official YouTube Channel shall release the second season a few weeks before the premiere date. At least that is what we expect out of the regular trailer releasing pattern, as for now, we do not have a concrete date on which the trailer is going to release.

Where to Watch Holiday Secrets Season 2?

The episodes of the series Holiday Series Season 1 were streamed on the official platform of Netflix as Netflix owns the sole right of being the distributor. Anyone who has an active Netflix subscription can watch the season which is already streaming and for the season 2 updates, well as far as the updates from sources are to be believed, the season 2 arrives on Netflix itself.

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